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Vanta Commercial Lending is an equity-based hard money lender that has a proven track record of helping our clients succeed.


Loan Highlights

  • No Income Requirements
  • No Prepayment Penalties 
  • No Minimum FICO Scores 
  • Fast Approval and Funding
  • Direct Lenders   
  • Minimal Paperwork 
  • Self Employed – OK
  • Foreign Nationals – OK
  • Past Foreclosure, BK – OK  


Frequently Asked Questions

What are hard money loans?

In contrast to traditional mortgages that are based on the borrower’s credit-worthiness, hard money loans in Teas are based on the property’s value. Rather than focusing on credit and financials, Vanta Commercial Lending provides asset-based financing where the focus is on the real estate’s equity. We provide hard money loans in the state of, which are security by equity in real estate and may be used for numerous projects that last for one to three years.

What if my credit score is low?

Vanta Commercial Lending does not have any minimum income or credit score requirements. Our hard money loans are secured by a property’s equity, so we can look past the financial circumstances of the borrower. If traditional lenders have turned you down, we can help you. We will directly with you to ensure you get the fastest funding and fairest terms in on a hard money loan.

What kinds of loans does your company offer?

Vanta Commercial Lending provides hard money loans in the state of for both commercial and residential real estate. Our loans are only intended for business purposes, including inventory and payroll as well as investment properties. Our hard money lending in may be used as well for funding bridge loans for as long as 12 months. Are you unsure of whether your situation qualifies or not? Call us to see if we can assist you. 

How long does your loan process take?

Lenders typically must examine credit reports and income statements. However, as a hard money lender in, typically we can get your loan approved within 24 hours of getting your applicate. Our loans are underwritten in-house, which cuts costs and time. Usually, our team of lenders is able to fund your loan with 7 days of being approved due to the direct access we have to capital. Our hard money lending application process is automated and streamlined, which allows us to make quick decisions. 

How do I apply for a loan?

It is easy to apply for our hard money loan in Teas. Just call us, email us, or fill our online application out. It is easiest to speak directly to use over the phone so we can discuss your unique situation, get your questions answered, and approve you within a few minutes.

How will I know what my interest rate will be?

Hard money loans from Vanta Commercial Lending are offered at interest-only fixed rates. Therefore, you will never have to worry about any sudden spikes in rates. Our interest rates depend on various factors, so get in touch with us to see what we are able to offer you. We are fully committed to providing you with the best terms possible. We provide free quotes and need very little information from you, so what is there to lose?


We Lend On The Following:

  • Industrial, Hospitality, Storage
  • Multi-Family
  • Retail and Office 
  • & More!

Where We Lend

The Lone Star State

Vanta Commercial Lending is a leading hard money lender in the state of. We service all of the Lone Star State. So whether you are a Fort Worth investor or Austin real estate agent, Vanta Commercial Lending is here to help you finance your latest business venture. We offer hard money loans in the state of for funding residential properties for business uses and non-owner occupied commercial properties. Obtain financing for your Houston strip mall or secure funding for your next fix-and-flip property in San Antonio. With more than 10 years of experience, we are fully equipped to help you finance all real estate transactions no matter how complex they are.  

No matter where you are located in, rely on our hard money loans for fair and fast financing. The middle ma has been eliminated and we underwrite our loans in-house, which spares you the expense and time of needing to go through another provider. While other lenders might take weeks or even months to approve your loan, our automated application process is efficient and quick. Therefore, you can conduct your business easily and promptly. We have a successful and proven track record as one of the leading hard money lenders in the state of and are very proud to provide our industry-leading services to Texans. We are very proud of our hard-earned reputation for providing excellent service and our Better Business Bureau A+ rating along with a 5-star rating on both Yelp and Google. 

Don’t worry about needing to drive to a downtown Dallas office and having to deal with a huge pile of paperwork. Instead, you can simply apply for your hard money loan right from the comfort of your own home. Just fill our online application out, call us, or email us, to apply for hard money lending in. You just need a business goal and a minimal amount of information. We will take care of everything else. We encourage you to call us directly to receive the fastest processing times. It is the easiest way to talk to us and have your questions answered that you might have about a hard money loan in. When you apply online, we will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting your application. However, if you call us, we can get your loan approved within minutes. After approving our terms, our hard money lenders can usually get your funds distributed to you within 7 days. Our direct lending team in will help to ensure that you never have to miss out on any real estate property due to a delay in securing funds.    

Calling us is free and our quotes are free, so you have nothing to lose. We are fully committed to having an open and honest conversation with you. We will guide you through all of the details of your loan. Our hard money lenders will secure you a loan based on the property’s equity, and we do not discriminate against a history of bankruptcy, previous foreclosure, or low credit. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your unique financing needs.

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