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At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we work with borrowers, real estate agents and brokers all over the United States. We are a direct equity-based lender in hard money for residential loans and commercial loans as well. We have a precise decision-making process on loans and that makes us better compared to other lenders that take weeks to decide on what to do. One’s equity dictates their eligibility for a loan and however much you’ve been turned down by other financial institutions, we do find a way to ensure that you obtain the help you deserve. 

Rates are applied differently depending on the type of property such as a land, office or commercial buildings, apartments, etc. The financial status of the borrower, the risk assessment and the loan term are also important factors that further influence the applicable rates. Despite many hard money lenders dealing in shorter loan repayment periods of under 18 months, we prefer longer periods and we do finish the processing in less than 10 days at most after the loan has been reviewed.

Prodigy Commercial Lending reviews your income but not as strictly as it does property. The basis is on assets and your commitment is key to the success of the partnership. We work closely with you to ensure payments are properly done. We encourage real estate agents and brokers to make referrals as there is a monthly fee paid for this.

Proven Success

Commercial Loans

For over four decades, Prodigy Commercial Lending has invested in residential and commercial real estate. This means that we have vast experience to cover your real estate finances and we trust that we will truly help you proceed with your purchase or cash out.


Equity Financing May be the Answer

Getting approved for financing in the present-day market has been so difficult for many borrowers. Equity financing is the solution to this problem. Prodigy Commercial Lending evaluates the equity within the home or available property and determines how worthy the borrower is so that the loan is easily procured after quickly being approved. This is done in a way that the debt to income ratio of the borrower is not affected. Prodigy Commercial Lending understands that hard money loans can help clients address immediate problems and that is why history is not an issue but focus is on the real estate equity. Rates of interest and payable fees all depend on the evaluated risk for each individual loan. This is why other pre-existing loans do not stand in the way and prevent us working with you to see yourself succeed and accomplish your goals. Believe you can do this and make a step. Call Prodigy Commercial Lending today and obtain quick cash out.

If you need cash out make a point of contacting us. 

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