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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is So Famous

Prodigy Commercial Lending is an equity-based credit institution that lends hard cash to both residential and commercial investments. We are based in the united states and mostly work with brokers, borrowers, and real estate agents across the country.

One of the advantages of Prodigy Commercial Lending is that we do direct lending Which makes it faster to acquire loans compared to other lending institutions that may take weeks to arrive at a decision. We love to make it easy for people who require “complicated loans”. For example, we provide help to borrowers that have been turned down by banks especially those with a lot of equity. We like to ensure that our customers are fully taken care of.

The rates at Prodigy Commercial Lending mostly depend on the type of property which varies from apartments, retail, land, residential, commercial, office buildings, and other special purposes. Other factors that may determine the rates of the loan may include risk assessment, the financial condition of the customer as well as the terms of the loan. In comparison to other hard money lenders who give up to an eighteen-month payment period, we offer longer periods on loans that can be funded within seven to ten days after receiving and reviewing the appraisal.

Although Prodigy Commercial Lending base loans on property equity reviewing the client’s income is not a determining factor. Prodigy Commercial Lending ensures a close working with the clients regarding their payments. We prefer to give loans ranging from $80,000 up to $5,000,000. We esteem our brokers and real estate agents and give good commissions on referral fees.


Commercial Loans

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we have had over 40 years of successful and sustainable lending both private and public companies. Investing in both commercial and residential loans. Since our main aim is customer satisfaction we are positive that our loans will build you up. 


Equity Financing May Be The Answer

In the current market, it’s hard to get financing, a lot of lenders are having challenges in getting financial approval. This is where we are as prodigy commercial lending come in with equity financing or hard money loans. The based on equities that are within your homes our property in line with the credit why what the means of the borrower. These loans are easily approved and acquired. Issuing takes 10 days after the assessment and does not in any way affect your debt to income ratio. 

The loans were offering are short-term and last 1 to 3 years. They are also very accessible to the customer since they use real estate as the collateral and are available in both residential and commercial investments. Our lender’s fee and interest rates are very affordable and friendly but vary to each loan depending on the risk assessment and the collateral. You don’t have to about your loan is turned down, we are here for you just give us a call at Prodigy Commercial Lending center.

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