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We’re an equity-based lender. Prodigy Commercial Lending lend out hard cash to be used for loans which are residential and commercial investments. We work with brokers, borrowers, and agents in real estate across the US.

Being direct lenders, our decisions on loans are quick, unlike others who take weeks to come up with a decision. These easy loans can be done by anyone, we prefer making decisions on loans which are complicated regardless of their complication. We can find a way to come up with a loan for you if you possess a lot of equities. It’s our pleasure to assist turned down clients by banks.

Prodigy commercial Lending rates are different basing on the nature of the property (residential, apartments, office, retail, commercial, special purpose, land and warehouse buildings. Other variables include the financial state of the borrower, the term of the loan and the assessment of the risk. Lenders of hard cash, on the other hand, may give out loans of 6-18 months and we prefer doing long term loans that we can finance within seven to ten-day after the appraisal is issued and reviewed.

Prodigy Commercial Loans are based on the property’s equity. However it’s not a serious consideration, we’ll review the income. We are mainly based on assets and we want to assure you that you got this. We will work for hand in hand with you on your payments. We love loans ranging from eighty thousand to as high as five million dollars. We admire our intermediaries and we will pay out a couple of thousand every month for the charges of referrals to our agents in real estate and brokers.


Commercial loans

At Prodigy Commercial Lending for more than forty years in the state, we have been investing in both residential real estate and commercials. We experience from years in real estate financing, we are determined to provide you with a loan that will drive you forward in terms of cash out and purchases.


Equity Financing may be a Solution

A lot of borrowers face challenges in the market today with getting approved for financing. This is why as Prodigy commercial Lending we have what is known as hard cash loans and equity financing. These loans are based on equity within your property or home in lieu of the borrower’s creditworthiness. It does not have an effect on the borrower’s debt to income ratio. These loans are procured easily and are quickly approved. They are funded quickly and only takes about ten days to be issued after appraisal.

Hard cash loans assist in solving immediate problems, given that you have denied elsewhere. We can assist you to come up with loans that are short term and will last for 1-3 years. These loans use equity real estate as security for residential and commercial investments. The charges on the loan, lender fee, and other expenses will depend on individual loan risk assessment. Give us today a call at Prodigy Commercial Lending if you require fast cash out!

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