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Prodigy Commercial Lending lend depending on the equity. We deal with lending solid cash for commercial loan investment and residential. We work in total cooperation with brokers as middlemen, agents in real estate and clients all around the United States area.

Unlike other lenders who may take more than make to make decisions, Prodigy Commercial Lending decisions are usually quicker due to the fact that we are direct lenders. We choose to make hard decisions on loans that are complicated regardless of the extent since most people usually do these easy loans. We can also make a loan for you if your equities are large-scale. We embrace supporting clients that other money lending institutions like banks have rejected.

Nature of the property (land, apartments, retail, special purpose structure, warehouse, office building, residential and commercial building) will depict our charges. The other factors are loss assessment, the term for the loan and liquidity of the person borrowing the loan. On the other hand, solid money lenders can offer 6 to about 18 loan months and we prefer to deal with longer loans of seven to 10 days after receiving appraisal and reviewing it that we can undertake to finance.

As Prodigy Commercial Lending we base the loans that we provide on the client’s property equity. However, it is not that necessary but we review the salary of the borrower. We are mainly based on the assets and we have faith in you to make it with this. We will work in total cooperation with you regarding your payments. We admire loans that are within $80,000 up to $5,000,000. We are thankful to our brokers and on monthly basis, we pay them a number of thousand to cater for referral charges to them and even the operatives of the real estate.


Commercial Loans

At the Commercial Prodigy Lending for not less than 40 years we have been investing in residential real estate and commercial also in the state. We are therefore confident due to the long-term experience to enable you to go on with your cash out or even purchases by offering you a suitable loan.


Equity Financing May Be the Solution

Many clients usually go through some struggles when it comes to being approved in the current market for a good loan. This is why Prodigy Commercial Lending introduced hard cash loans. The equity that is within your home will determine your credibility for the loan in lieu of your creditworthiness. The borrower’s debt to income ratio is not affected in the process. These loans are quick and easy to procure and get approved. Funding is a bit faster and takes not more than 10 days to be dispatched after appraisal.

Hard money loans are a reliable solution to problems that are immediate, even if you cannot access a loan in other places. We can come up with loans that last for short periods of 1-3 years. These loans use the equity from real estate as residential and commercial investment securities. The lender cost, interest charge, and other costs will rely on separate risk evaluation for each particular loan. Simply call us at Prodigy Commercial Lending for your cash out solutions!

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