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We are a leading company based on equity where we lend hard cash for residential and commercial investments. We usually operate hand in hand with real estate agents, borrowers, and brokers who are all over the United States. 

Since we are direct lenders, we have the ability to make very quick decisions on loans compared to some others who have can even wait for weeks in order to make a single decision. The most amazing is that almost anyone can do these loans but we prefer working with more complex loans not minding their complexity level. In case you have a lot of equity, we are able to find a way to make a loan. In fact, keep in mind that it is our pleasure to help clients who have previously been turned down. 

Rates that we offer depend on property type (retail, apartments, land, warehouses, special purpose, residential, commercial as well as office buildings) On factors, you also include the term of the loan, risk assessment, the financial situation of the borrowers. Most hard money lenders opt to give about six to eighteen-month loans but for us, we prefer giving you more time which can actually be funded in about 7 to 10 days after being appraised and reviewed.

Normally, we base our loans on your property’s equity but keep in mind that we have to review the income. However, it is not a serious issue to keep you off. In Prodigy, we are based on assets and want you to keep in mind that you have the ability. In addition, we are always ready to closely work hand in hand with you not minding the payments. In fact, we like loans that are between $80000 and $5000000. Actually, we pay out some cash to our brokers on a monthly basis as a referral fee.

Our Success

Commercial Types of Loans 

Here, we have been investing in commercial and residential sectors for more than about four decades. With all these years of experience in funding real estate, we are sure that we can provide you one of the best loans to help you move on with your cash out or purchase.


Equity Financing Can Turn Out To Be Your Answer

Multiple borrowers are having problems and challenges when it comes to getting approved for financing in the current market. Due to this, we have what is called equity funding or alternatively hard money loans. Usually, they are based on equity which is within your home but relying on the Creditworthiness of the borrower. 

Hard money loans are good and help to solve problems that arise unknowingly even if you were turned down elsewhere. When you are in need of fast cash, you are recommended to give us a call at Prodigy Lending Immediately 

Be sure to give us a call Today at Prodigy Commercial Lending if the need for a fast and reliable equity financing service! 

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