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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is The Best

Prodigy Commercial Lending will never fail you. You may have wandered here and there, doubting lending companies, yet what you leave home is what is best. We have positioned ourselves among the best, if not the best, in money lending and loan services!

Different companies have come up, and as you well know, without experience, “mommy cooks best!”, yet Prodigy Commercial Lending is here to prove that what man cannot do, yes, we can do! We only require one significant thing from you, “an asset”. You want real money; you must have something to prove to us that we can trust you. Based on what you have, e.g. a real estate, we can offer you the best of the best deals that you will never find anywhere else. Are you this person? Are you dreaming big? Nay, have you got an asset and you want money, to make more of those? We are your solution.

Now, you know your property and you no doubt know what loan you need. In every transaction, there are as you know the disadvantages and advantages. We look to the former for your safety. We have a risk assessment, which is based on your asset’s income, or whatever it is that you have, which determines the rates we offer you a loan. We process our short term loans for you fast enough: 7 to 10 days after your appraisal is received and reviewed! Based on this, we have the hard loan option, whereby our clients benefit from the properties they own.

If you want to grow whatever it is you have, and based on the equity of the property you own, you consider yourself capable of achieving more than you ever dreamt of, Prodigy Commercial Lending, is here to lend a shoulder for you to lean on.

We value our clients greatly and therefore we mentor you on the payment options, making it easy for you to build yourself up! We extend a hand of gratitude to our brokers, giving them a monthly payment!, and that as a referral fee, not forgetting our real estate agents!


Prodigy Commercial Lending, as a firm, has got a 40-year experience in the game! We issue both residential and commercial loans, and this, backed up by our readiness to help you achieve your goals, makes us a partner you want to never let go!


The investment you make is based on your property, what we call, “your equity”! We simplify this for you and render it easy to procure!. Within 7 to 10 days after the appraisal, you get the loan! Prodigy Commercial Lending stands out among other companies by our way of valuing our customers, and the assets they have!

Are you willing to place your asset alongside the loan you wish to get from us? We welcome you to greatly make your dreams come true, and point others to our genuine and worthwhile investment. Contact us today for more information!


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