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 We are an equity-based lender. We loan hard cash for both commercial and private venture credits. We work with real estate agents, brokers, and borrowers over the United States.

 As coordinate loaners, we can form fast choices on credits, not like others who may require weeks to form a decision. Anybody can do these simple credits, we prefer to create the choices on more complicated loans regardless of how complicated they are. In case you have an asset of value, we can find a way to create the advance for you. We cherish making a difference to clients that the banks have turned down.

 Our rates will change depending on the specific sort of property (apartments, retail, land, stockrooms, purpose, residential, commercial, and office buildings). Components will moreover incorporate the term of the advance, the risk evaluation, and the monetary condition of the individual who is borrowing the cash. Hard cash lenders, on the other hand, may give six to eighteen-month advances and we incline to do longer credits that we will fund within 7 to 10 days after the appraisal received and looked into.

We base our credits on the value of the property. We will audit the salary even though it is not a serious factor. We typically base on resources and we need you to know that you simply can do this. We will work closely with you concerning your installments. We like credits that run from $80,000 to as high as $5,000,000. We adore our brokers and we pay out several thousand monthly for referral expenses alone to our brokers and our real estate agents.


Commercial Loans

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we have been contributing to both commercials as well as residential real estate within the state for over 40 years. With numerous years of hands-on involvement in financing real estate, we are sure that we can offer you a credit that will assist you to move forward together with your purchase or cash out.


 Equity Financing May Be The Answer

Many borrowers have issues with loan approval for financing within the market nowadays. For this reason, we have value financing or hard cash loans. We base our credits upon the value that is inside your domestic or property instead of the credit-worthiness of the borrower. It does not influence the obligation to wage proportion for the borrower. These credits are rapidly affirmed and simple to get. We approve them quickly and they ordinarily take approximately 10 days for borrowers to get them after the appraisal.

Hard cash advances may offer assistance to unravel the prompt issue, in case your local financial institution turned you down. We will assist you to make short-term credits that will last from one to three years. These advances utilize real estate equity as the collateral for both commercial and private ventures. The intrigued rates and lenders fees will all be subordinate on the hazard assessment for each person credit. Moneylender expenses, interest rates, and other expenses will be subordinate to the risk assessment for each loan. If you would like quick cash out, reach out to us at Prodigy Commercial Lending today.

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