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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is So Famous

As our name “Prodigy’, we are an outstanding example of a particular quality and that about lending. Unlike other lenders, we invest in commercial loans as well as residential loans, across the United States.

We, Prodigy Commercial Lenders, place on the table facts about our customers, know what suits them, and apply it in our issuing them the loan. This differentiates us from our competitors who would take time, and spent time and again settling on what loan to grant their clients. Based on your property, we facilitate your loan. This makes us a savior of those turned down by the banks.

What asset you have determines our rates and we welcome readily hard money application for approval. The reputation of the borrower affects the loan package too, you should therefore mind your creditworthiness. We issue our loans within a very short duration: 7 days to about 10 days right after the reception and renewal of the appraisal, which makes it a very short duration, you wouldn’t tire or spent unnecessarily waiting.

Though your income would credit you for a loan, we consider greatly your property and therefore our loans are based on the value of your property. Our services guarantee you a perfect understanding of your loan and its terms. We, Prodigy Commercial Lenders, let our brokers enjoy a certain amount for referring customers to us, as well as the owners of real estate, in different areas.


Our Success as Prodigy Commercial Lending firm, streams from our 40-year experience, issuing both residential and commercial loans. This is backed up by our readiness to help you achieve your goals.


To solve the problem of failure of approval to get a loan, we refer our customers to a hard money system. This means that you can use your property to help you gain an acceptance to receive a loan and that in a short while. You get to keep your income flowing. Our loans are surely easy to get and their procession fast too.

You no doubt know that hard money, and that in terms of loans, would greatly help to be short-termed! Using a real estate property value as the guarantee of the loan, for your investment, the rates will all depend on the risk evaluation of your loan. Prodigy Commercial Lending is definitely your best option. Call us or contact us today!

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77801, 77802, 77803, 77805, 77806, 77807, 77808, 77840, 77841, 77842, 77843, 77844, 77845, 77862, 77866, 77867, 77878, 77881, Bryan TX, College Station TX, Wellborn TX, Kurten TX, Snook TX, Mumford TX, Millican TX


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