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About Us

Prodigy Commercial Lending is an equity-based financier. We offer equity financing for residential and commercial investment loans. We closely work with borrowers, brokers as well as real estate agents in the United States.  

Working as a direct lender, we make decisions regarding loans faster compared to those who take weeks to draw a conclusive decision.  Anyone can provide these but at Prodigy Commercial Lending we prefer to work on loan decisions that are complicated. Regardless of the level of complexity, we can always find a way out. If you have sufficient equity, we will help you acquire a loan. We derive our joy in helping clients whose loan requests have been rejected by banks. 

Our rates vary depending on the type of property offered as collateral. This property ranges from land, apartments, to commercial and residential buildings. Other factors considered are risk assessment, the financial situation of the borrower and the conditions pertaining to the loan. Hard money lenders offer loans varying from six to eighteen months. At Prodigy Commercial Lending we prefer issuing longer loans which we fund within a period of seven to ten days after receiving and reviewing the appraisal. 

We issue our loans depending on the property’s equity. We also consider the income though it is not a key factor. We always work closely with you in spite of your payments. At Prodigy Commercial Lending we prefer loans ranging from$80,000 to $5,000,000. We appreciate our brokers and every month will pay out thousands as referral fees to real estate agents and our brokers.

Proven Success

Commercial Loans

For over 40 years, at Prodigy Commercial Lending we have continuously invested in both residential and commercial estates across the United States. Equipped with vast knowledge and experience in real estate financing, we can confidently provide you with a loan to help you proceed with cash out or purchase.


Most people face problems when seeking financial approval in the current market. To help with this problem, Prodigy Commercial Lending offer equity as an alternative. These loans are issued depending on the equity place on your property as well as the borrower’s financial credibility. The loans offered do not affect the borrower’s debt-income ratio. These loans are easily procured and get quick approval. The loans are funded quickly within a period of seven to ten days after appraisal.

Hard money provides with loans that help resolve urgent problems, even in cases where you had been rejected for financial assistance elsewhere. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we help customers acquire short term loans lasting for about one – three years. Real estate equity is used as collateral in the acquisition of these loans in commercial as well as residential investments. For every loan, the interest rates as well as the lenders fee are derived based on the risk evaluation. Whenever you need quick cash out, contact us at Prodigy Commercial Lending immediately!

If you need cash out make a point of contacting us. 

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