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We are an equity developed lender. We are involved in lending hard money for loan investments which are residential and commercial. We also deal with all borrowers’ across the United States, Real Estate Agents and also Brokers.

Being direct lenders, we decide quickly on issues concerning loans unlike the others may take more than a week to decide. Since everyone can do the easy loan, we choose to make a decision on difficult loans regardless of how difficult they might be. If you possess a lot of equity, we can look for a way to make the loan. We like helping borrowers that have been turned down by banks.

Our rates will change depending on the nature of the property (apartments, commercial building, warehouse, special purpose building, land, residential building, retail and office building). The situation will also include a timeline of the loan, assessment for risk and the financial position of the person of the borrower. Lenders of hard money may issue out 6-18 month loans and hence we prefer doing longer loans that we can issue funding within 7-10 days after reviewing and receiving appraisal.

We base our loans on the property’s equity. We will also examine salary though it’s not an important factor. We are asset-based and want you to know that you can pull through this. Regarding your payments, we will work closely with you. Loans ranging from eighty thousand dollars to as high as five million dollars are what we love the most.  We love our broker operatives and we pay them a couple of thousands monthly for referral costs alone to our real estate agents including the brokers.


Commercial Loans

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we have invested in both real estate for commercial and residential purposes for more than 40 years. Having worked so many years in this line of work, we are sure to provide you with a loan that will allow you to push through with purchases and cashouts.


Equity Financing Maybe the answer

We offer hard cash loans to help those who have problems getting approved for financing in the loan market. These loans are offered to you basing on the house equity relative to the borrower of the money creditworthiness. These have a zero effect on the borrower’s debt to income relationship. The loans are easily procured and approved. They only take a period of ten days to be given to the borrower after the appraisal and are also quickly financed.

Equity financing loans help to curb unplanned problems that may arise if you have been denied access to any loan by other lenders. We can assist you to create a loan which is the short term that can last for as long as one to three years of utmost. The securities for the residential and also commercial loan investments are the equities for the real estate. The individual evaluation of the loans will assist in determining the interest rate and lender fee for the loans offered. For any cash out that you require quickly call us at Prodigy Commercial Lending faster to get the best services we’ve installed for you.

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