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Prodigy Commercial Lending is an equity-based lender. We lend hard cash to commercial as well as residential venture loans. We deal with brokers, borrowers, and agents of real estate in the United States. 

By directly dealing with the borrowers, we make a decision on loans quite faster compared to other lenders who may take a week or more to make the decision. Anyone can offer these loans, as we prefer making decisions on more complex loans regardless of their nature of complexity. If you have adequate equity; we are more than willing to get you a loan. We strive to help those customers rejected by the banks. 

Our rates are different based on the specific type of property (ranging from apartments, land, to office buildings and warehouses). Other factors considered are the financial state of the borrower, risk assessment report and conditions attached to the loan. Mostly, lenders of hard money may issue loans of six to eighteen months. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we are open to provide longer loans which we can issue within seven and ten days of receiving and reviewing the appraisal.

Our loans are issued based on the property’s equity. We also review the borrower’s income; however, it is a minor factor. Our decisions are largely based on assets and believe you can achieve this. Regardless of your payments, Prodigy Commercial Lending will directly work with you. We issue loans ranging from 80,000 to $5,000,000. We appreciate our brokers and monthly payout thousands as referral fees to real estate agents and brokers.

Proven Success

Commercial Loans

Over a period of over 40 years, Prodigy Commercial Lending has continuously invested in residential and commercial estates in the United States. With the vast experience in real estate financing, we are certain to issue you with a loan to help you achieve your dreams of cash out or purchase. 


With the current market, getting financial approval has proved to be a problem for many borrowers. To help with this problem, Prodigy Commercial Lending offers what is known as equity financing.  This is a type of loan within the equity of the property in question and one of which the borrower is worth repaying. This loan has no effect on the borrower’s debt-income ratio. These loans get quick approval and can be easily procured. Funding for these loans is quick and is issued after about ten days from approval.

Hard money loans come a long way in solving urgent financial problems in cases where you can acquire a loan from elsewhere. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we help customers acquire short term loans that last between one and three years. The loans are dependent on collateral from real estate equity. When in need of fast cash, contact us at Prodigy Commercial Lending today!

Be sure to give us a call Today at Prodigy Commercial Lending if the need for a fast and reliable equity financing service! 

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