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Prodigy commercial lending is an equity-based lending organization in the United States that provides instant hard money loans to investors. These loans vary from commercial to housing investors. The amount of each loan can vary from $80,000 to $5,000,000. We provide loans to a variety of people and organizations including real estate agents and individual borrowers in the United States. The services provided by prodigy are independent of the circumstances that an individual or organization may be in at the moment of the loan request. We seek to cover the needs of all our customers by providing the best of services.

Some of the great features that make Prodigy Commercial Lending the best option for you are:

  • Easy and fast loan application with no waiting period. 

The loan application and approval process at Prodigy Commercial lending are really fast. The decision on the eligibility of a customer to a loan is reached quickly and the loan handed to you in hard money instantly.

  • Flexible interest rates.

At Prodigy we believe that fixed interest rates are sometimes a disadvantage and that is why our interest rates vary depending on several elements. That is the property that is being leased, risk assessment and the financial status of the customer. We allow a wide range of property to be leased from land, real estate housing, office, and commercial buildings, warehouses and special buildings. The equity of the property, however, does not come as a serious factor. A risk assessment is done to determine the interest rate for every one of our customers. Given the fact that each of our esteemed customers has a different financial status, this also determines the interest rate for our loans.

While the payment period of other lending organizations is eighteen months, Prodigy Commercial Lending offers its customers the advantage of a longer payment period to suit your financial status. A mutual agreement is reached by every customer and a real estate agent or broker from our organization regarding the rate of payment and the payment period. This ensures the comfortability of each of our customers.

  • Equity financing. 

Loans at our organization are really easy to procure given the fact that our loans are given in hard money. This comes as a great advantage to our customers as the time is taken in processing the loan using other methods that increase the waiting period for the customer. 

Our experience in real estate in the United States, which we have been investing in for over forty years now, gives us a better understanding of our customer’s needs and the security of your leased property is also ensured.

To get the best services on your loan needs, Prodigy Commercial Lending is the undisputedly the choice you need.

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