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Prodigy Commercial Lending For Real Estate Projects

We are an equity-based creditor. We as Prodigy Commercial Lending company we usually give out a legal tender for both those who need loans dealing with investments and for commercial purposes too. We do our duties together with borrowers, merchants, and real estate brokers in the United States.

In comparison with other lenders, we are very fast in making a decision this makes as to be the best since other creditors who requires one to wait for a long time in order to be given a decision on whether to give a loan or not. Anyone can be able to do these loans. Mostly we do require time to make decisions on cases that are difficult to handle regardless of how complicated they are. In case you find yourself having a lot of equity, we as direct lenders look for the best means for you to make the loan. For our borrowers whose banks have run low, we as Prodigy Commercial Lending we are the best to solve it.

The type of property helps us to determine the rates to apply. Examples of properties include retail, land residential, commercial, warehouses, office building among others. Other factors may include loan terms, the financial condition of the person who is borrowing the money, and also the risk assessment. Hard money creditors can issue an average of six to eighteen-month loans. Prodigy Commercial Lending can also give you a loan within a week to at most ten days upon approval of your loan.

Loans in Prodigy Commercial Lending are based on the equity of the property. We will also review the income. Regardless of your payments, we will work closely with you. We are sure that you can do this since we are based on assets. We usually prefer loans that range from $80,000 up to $5,000,000. We appreciate the work that our intermediaries do and we pay enough money on a monthly basis for only referral fees to our merchants and also our real estate agents.


We as Prodigy Commercial lending, we have been doing a lot in both commercials and residential real estate in the country for more than 40 years now. From the experience we have had for many years now, we can now boldly assure you that we can lend quite good cash that will help you to move on your cash out or purchase.


Many borrowers do experience difficulties in the process of their loan being approved but Prodigy Commercial Lending we have the best solution. In order to curb these problems, we as Prodigy Commercial Lending have equity financing or hard money loans. The loans are based on the equity that is within your resident or property but remembers this does not affect debt to income ratio for the borrower. The loans are approved and funded quickly and this is achieved as it takes about ten days only for them to be given after the appraisal.

If you’ve already been turned down somewhere then hard money may help you to solve this. Prodigy Commercial Lending also does give one a short duration loan of one to three years. Lender fees, interest rates, and other fees are dependent on the evaluation risk for every individual loan. 

When in need of quick cash out, all you can do is to call us at Prodigy Commercial Lending now for the best guidance on how you can get them.

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