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With financial institutions updating their money security policies with each dawn, accessing a loan has never been any harder. Many great investment ideas have failed to see the light of day due to a lack of funding. Many people hoping to borrow investment money have been turned away. This negatively impacted growth and financial lives of many families. To rectify this, Prodigy Commercial Lending was born.

For forty years, Prodigy Commercial Lending has put smiles on the faces of thousands of borrowers who are now millionaires. Offering both residential and commercial loan services, we have never fallen short of clients who ended up achieving financial freedom. Financial empowerment that we started in Houston, Texas, now builds lives all around the United States.

Your Ultimate Investment Partner 

Anyone thinking money thinks Prodigy Commercial Lending. We not only fund your projects, but we also serve as your personal financial consultant agency. We have a team well equipped with forty years of investment experience to guide you on your lending and investing journey. While we do business with our clients, we advise you on how best to invest your money so that we both achieve the best results.

The use of collateral as loan security has over the years proven to be a very regrettable decision for many borrowers. For others, they did not even have it to borrow money to start with. Luckily for you, Prodigy Commercial Lending does not approve loans on collateral. Instead, we project the value of your investment over the loan period. We then calculate the project’s viability, which in turn gives us the green light to serve you. This method has also proven efficient in terms of time-saving. We boast of approving loan requests faster than any other entity, with the disbursement of the first loan installment done within ten days upon loan approval. Our method of calculating interest also ensures you are not burdened by unfavorable debt to income ratio.

With Prodigy Commercial Lending, you get the chance to reap the fruits of your investment sooner. This is because our loans are offered in the short term. Servicing your loan will take you between two to three years, or even less. We calculate the projected return on the investment value of your loan and use the results to establish exactly how much interest you should be paying on your loan. This gives you the fairest deal you can get, unlike with banks, which use exaggerated estimates to decide the same. 

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Visit Prodigy Commercial Lending offices in Houston, Texas, every Monday to Saturday. Our offices open at 9 am and close at 7 pm. For inquiries, contact us via email or phone number, both of which can be found on our website.

It is our pleasure to do business with you. Do business with us. Do business with Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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