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Knowing What Prodigy Commercial Lending Can Offer

Prodigy Commercial Lending offers loans based on equity. We credit financial assistance for either commercial or residential endowment purposes. With cooperation alongside realtors, merchants, financiers, and all borrowers within the business spectrum of the USA.

Unlike most of our competitors who might take weeks to award you a loan, we make timely decisions concerning loans. Anybody could apply for our easily provided loans inadvertent of the extent of complication that their situation might be. Provided that our client embraces equity, we always are going to come up with a way of awarding them a loan. We understand that loans are a matter of urgency. In liberty of that, we consider offering a loan to our customers that have been denied by the banks.

The rates, in regards to our loans, vary concerning the type of asset that is input. Also, other considerations include the assessment of risk, period of the loan, fiscal policies, and the status of the borrower in terms of finance. Our preference is to offer lengthier loans that can be funded within a week or up to ten days at most. This is after we have received and reviewed an appraisal.

Our loans are based on the property equity. However, it’s never that of a grievous factor, because we want to let you know that it’s highly easy to acquire a loan from us. We prefer loans that start from eighty thousand dollars, up to five million dollars. Also, we pay out monthly to our highly esteemed agents and realtors.



Prodigy Commercial Lending has been in the investment business for up to 40 years. This has allowed us to invest in commercial and residential endowments. We are highly confident to offer a loan to our clients with a loan that can assist them in making progress in their business endeavors.


Our Financing Might Be The Solution

Prodigy Commercial Lending offers financial assistance based on equity. Our equity financing or what may also be termed as hard money loan is what mainly distinguishes us from most of our competitors. This does not affect the magnitude relation between the loan and income for our borrower. Also, it is important to note that our loans are timely verified and very easy for borrowers to procure. It takes around 10 days to award a loan after a successful appraisal.

Our equity financing might be the solution to your problem of being turned down by other creditors. Prodigy Commercial Lending assists you with short-termed loans, lasting for up to 36 months. Our loans require that a borrower submits a realtor’s equity plan for the ancillary of the commercial and residential endowments. The rates for interest in our loans depend on the evaluation of risks for each particular loan. The charging fees for the lender amongst other related fees are also subordinated to the evaluation of risks for each particular loan. Having fulfilled our highly considerate and sympathetic terms, and you require urgent financial assistance, then worry no more because Prodigy Commercial Lending is your solution. Waste no more time and just call us today.

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