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Prodigy Commercial Lending is an equity-based lender that lends hard money for commercial and residential investment loans. We run our operations with brokers, real estate agents, and borrowers across the United States. Lending directly allows us to make quick decisions and serve you with ease. Equity is key when it comes to obtaining a loan and the more of it you have the better the chances that you can secure a loan whether it is a complicated one or not. We value helping customers that have been rejected by banks. The term of the loan, the risk assessment, the financial stability of the borrower and the type of property are the factors that determine how repayment rates are derived. Mostly, hard money lenders will offer 6 to 18-month loans but Prodigy Commercial Lending prefers longer period loans to these short loans and these longer loans are funded in less than 10 days after the reception and review of the appraisal. The equity of property is the basis of our loans at Prodigy Commercial Lending. The income of the borrower is reviewed but it is not a “live or dies” factor. What is most important is the asset value in our clients’ possession. With a full commitment to action, Prodigy Commercial Lending works closely with clients to help them prosper and we work with loans ranging between $80, 000 and $5, 000, 000. We value our brokers and real estate agents and we pay them handsomely to keep them working with us and getting us, customers. 


Commercial Loans

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we’ve been investing for over 40 years in commercial and residential estates. Our massive experience in financing real estate gives us the confidence to walk you through financial challenges and see your business emerge out as a successful venture.


Equity Financing May Be the Answer

The market in the present day is tough and so many borrowers find it hard to gain approval for financing. This is the reason hard money loans are the most relevant. The equity within the home or property provides the basis for these loans. This is when the worthiness of the borrower is defined and so the amount of loan s/he qualifies for is known. These loans are quickly approved and easily procured right under 10 days after the appraisal is handed.

Hard money loans will certainly help you deal with a current problem and Prodigy Commercial Lending can help you make short term loans that will last up to a period of three years. Each individual loan has a separate evaluation risk that is dependent on the interest rates and the fees charged by the lender. Reach out to us today and let us help you get on the move. Choose Prodigy Commercial Lending today.

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