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We are a lender mainly based on equity. Prodigy Commercial Lending lend solid cash for commercial and even residential investment loans. We do business with clients around the United States, brokers, and agents of real estate.

Being lenders who lend directly, unlike other lenders who may take more than a week to make judgments, Prodigy Commercial Lending is able to make decisions faster. Since anyone can work with loans that are easy, We prefer to concentrate our decisions majorly on more delicate loans regardless of how delicate they can be. If you own so much equity, we can look for a way to create the loan.

The nature of property will assist in determining our charges and the properties may be as follows apartments, office buildings, retail, commercial, land, residential, warehouse, and special-purpose structures. Factors will also compose of the loan period, the financial situation of the person intending to borrow and the assessment of the risk. Solid cash lenders usually give out loan months that range from 6-18 and as Prodigy Commercial Lending we prefer dealing with long period loans that we can be able to fund after the judgment is reviewed after being received.

As Prodigy Commercial Lending mostly base our loans on the amount of equity on a given property. We will also go about assessing the monthly income but it’s not necessary in most scenarios. We mainly deal in assets and we want you to understand that in this you can succeed. We deal with you closely concerning your payments. We love doing operations with loans ranging from $80,000 up to as much as $5,000,000. We have a lot of gratitude to our brokers and we normally pay them some thousand at the end of every month for fees of referral to our brokers and even agents who work in real estate.


Commercial Loans

Over the last 40 years, we have been making good investments in residential and commercial real estate at the Prodigy Commercial Lending. We much experience derived from this line of work for years we are confident to support you with that will assist you to continue with purchases and cashouts that you intend to do.


Equity Financing May be the Answer

Many customers go through a lot of challenges getting financial approval in the current loan market. This is the reason we have what is termed as equity funding loans. This equity is decided upon the amount of equity that is on your property in relation to the worthiness of credit of the person intending to borrow the loan but the good thing is the fact that it does to have an effect on his debt to income ration. This kind of loan is easily accessible and is faster on approval. They usually take a short time to be funded are given 10 days after appraisal.

Equity financing solves immediate arising problems even if you have been rejected elsewhere. We can assist you to develop loans that last for a short while and can go for 1-3 years. These loans use equity for real estate as security for commercial investment and even residential. Other charges including the interest and lender fees depend on an individual examination of the loans. Call us today at Prodigy Commercial Lending!

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