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The Miracle Of Prodigy Commercial Lending

Ever needed cash urgently to finance that commercial or residential project, but ran out of options? This is because all the Financial institutions turned you down or simply could not provide you with the money right away. Next time you are in a cash crunch and need f  fix, turn to Prodigy Commercial Lending. This article will explain why.

About Prodigy Commercial Lender

The Financial institution located in the US is an equity-based lender. The Institution lends cash on the barrelhead for both commercial and residential investment loans. They collaborate with brokers, real estate agents, and debtors across the United States.

Most financial institutions have bottleneck procedures when it comes to acquiring a loan from them. However, at this institution, decisions are expeditiously made as it is a direct lender. You get access to a loan in days, contrary to the long weeks you will have had to wait at other Financial institutions. This is the miracle of Prodigy Commercial Lending.

Have you been turned down by a commercial lender? Worry not, the lender takes pleasure in helping you. Depending on your equity, the institution will work around it to give you a loan. The institution is known for its dexterity when it comes to processing loans other institutions consider complicated.

The Rates Charged & Factors Considered

Prodigy Commercial Lending finances an array of properties which include, apartments, retail, warehouses, land, special purpose, residential, commercial, and office buildings. The type of property informs the rates charged. Factors considered include,

  1. Term of the loan
  2. Risk assessment
  3. The financial condition of the borrower

While other hard money lenders may give six to eighteen-month loans, Prodigy prefers to do longer loans that they can fund within 7 to 10 days after receiving and review of the appraisal.

As stated earlier, the firm is equity-based. However, the income of the borrower is reviewed though it is not a serious factor. Being an asset-based institution, the Institution seeks to lend a helping hand and assure you that you can make it. The institution also works closely with you concerning payment of your loans. The hard money lender offers loans that range from $80,000 to amounts as high as $5,000,000.

Proven Track Record

Prodigy Commercial Lending has been in the financial industry for over 40 years. The institution has gained hands-on experience and earned a reputation for its expertise. The institution is the most sort after when clients need to make purchases or when in need of a cashout. They are also preferred for their consultancy services.

Any successful business entity knows that its employees are the most important assets. As such, the brokers and real estate agents of the institution get several thousand payouts monthly for referrals alone. An indicator that the institution is well placed in the industry.


The Lender has proved that equity financing may be the answer to your cash crunch. The loans are given in place of your creditworthiness and use real estate equity are used as collateral for commercial and residential investments. Do you need fast cash out? Contact Prodigy Commercial Lending today.

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