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Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

We are an equity-based lender who offers commercial and residential investment loans(hard), we work with real estate agents, brokers, and borrowers. And we are located in the United States.

We are skilled to make quick decisions on loans since we are direct lenders and Prodigy Commercial Lending gives unique services in that we desire to make decisions on complex loans regardless of how problematic they are and if you have a lot of assets we can find a means to generate the loan since we love to work with rejected clients.

Prodigy Commercial Lending fees differ on the description of the property(apartments, private purpose, residential, marketable or office constructions) and we moreover assess the following conditions like risk assessment, the term of the loan, the financial requirement of the person who borrowed money while hard money lenders may give a (6-18)months loans, we choose to do extended loans that we can find within ( 7-10)days after the estimation is accepted and analyzed.

Prodigy Commercial Lending loans are established on the equity of the property. We study the income nonetheless it’s not a pressing component. We are based on assets and we wish you to know that we will work closely with you regarding your payments till you make it and we appreciate loans that range from $80’000 to $5,000,000.We love our dealers and we pay out several thousand dollars on a monthly basis for referral expenses independently to our brokers and real estate agents.


Commercial Loans 

Being a professional lender for over 40 years we assure you that Prodigy Commercial Lending will offer you a loan that will move you forward to purchase or cash out since we have the best experience to offer to you our esteemed client.


Equity Financing May Be The Answer

Borrowers have problems receiving authorization in the market today which is why prodigy commercial lending has equity financing or hard money loans are established on the property that is within your residence in lieu of the credit-worthiness of the borrower and it doesn’t affect the debt revenue rate of the borrower. The loans are quickly authorized and easily procured to allow quick funding which normally takes 10days for them to be offered an appraisal.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending hard money loans may help in working out your sudden issues even if you have already been turned down elsewhere, we can help you to create short term loans that will last from 1 to 3 years.

These loans are real estate assets as the collateral for both commercial or residential investment, the interest rates and lenders fee will be dependent on risk evaluation for each individual loan.

Prodigy lender fees, interest prices, and other fees will be fully dependent on danger evaluation for each individual loan if you need a cash release kindly give us a call at Prodigy Commercial Lending.

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77058, 77062, 77510, 77511, 77512, 77517, 77518, 77539, 77546, 77549, 77554, 77563, 77565, 77568, 77573, 77574, 77577, 77581, 77586, 77588, 77590, 77591, 77592, 77598, Santa Fe TX, Hitchcock TX, Texas City TX, La Marque TX, Dickinson TX, League City TX, Alvin TX, Bacliff TX, Friendswood TX, Webster TX, Kemah TX, Houston TX, Liverpool TX, Galveston TX, Seabrook TX


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