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Knowing Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is Successful

Having problems with your loan approval? Is it taking a while for you to get funded? Or are you yet to find the right place to get a loan?

Review processes, however critical and necessary they are, can be a pain for people in need of quick cash out. Most lenders will focus on analyzing your past and current financial performance which can take up to weeks and even months to finally make an elaborate decision based on all of your assessments.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending our services are not only concise and direct to the borrower but, we make quick decisions to make your life easier as our client. We are direct moneylenders whose main focus is to grant borrowers relief when in need of money.

For over forty years we have managed to uphold a successful commercial lending company that delivers hands-on experience in financing commercial and even residential investments.

We tend to work with several clients ranging from brokers, estate agents, and borrowers in the US of America.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending we warrant the value of your loan to your property (office buildings, land, retail) basically on the equity that’s in place of your creditworthiness.

As asset-based lenders, the way our rates work is they usually vary depending on the asset at hand. Some factors that we go through are the terms of every loan approval, the financial state of the borrower and most importantly we do a risk assessment.

We make our loan ranges from $80,000 to even as high as $5,000,000, after reviewing and calculating your collateral and after assessments, we deliberate your rates.

We also review your income as a way to fully assess your loan approval even though it is not that serious of a factor considering our priority is regarding your payment. We pay several amounts on a month to month basis for a referral fee to our estate agents and brokers. 

With us, you are guarantee your loan approval will not affect your debt-income ratio. We process loans quickly and they are generally easy to get funded in a few days after the assessment. 

We prefer to have longer loans that can be funded within seven or ten days after the assessment is received and checked.

We also offer hard loans. Essentially even if you have been rejected elsewhere, we have you covered. We make some of the short-term loans that will typically use real estate as their collateral run for three years.

Your interest rates and lender fee will be dependent on your risk evaluation for each loan you ask for. When you need a quick way to get fast cash, contact Prodigy Commercial Lending immediately.

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77016, 77032, 77039, 77044, 77049, 77050, 77078, 77093, 77315, 77325, 77336, 77338, 77339, 77345, 77346, 77347, 77357, 77365, 77372, 77396, 77532, 77535, 77580, Huffman TX, Humble TX, Crosby TX, New Caney TX, Porter TX, Houston TX, Splendora TX, Dayton TX, North Houston TX, Mont Belvieu TX

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