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Who Can Borrow From Prodigy Commercial Lending?

Maybe you have a home, commercial building or any other type of property and you are on a tight budget to finance another project. We at prodigy Commercial Lending, we offer loans against properties. We are currently working with people across the United States, especially real estate agents, borrowers, and even brokers. 

Being direct lenders, our loans are quickly processed even for people with very low credit scores and are often face rejection by other lenders. 

Just like any other lending institutes, we too have different lending rates depending on the borrower’s financial conditions. Some of the factors that we consider when setting our loan rates are; the type of property like land, retails, residential, commercial, office, and buildings, among others. Factors like risk assessment, loan term, might also be considered when setting your loan rates. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, promote long term loans better than short term loans. Once the appraisal is received and reviewed, we will process your equity loan in less than 10 days. 

Usually, the loan amount is determined by the equity of the property. We might also look at your income although this factor might be ignored. At prodigy Commercial Lending, we will create a friendly atmosphere with our borrower to completely help you repay your loan at ease. We do not overlook our brokers and real estate agent. For every referral that they send to us, we pay them a few thousand every months.

How Much Are We Successful As Commercial Loan Lenders?

Prodigy Commercial Lending has been in the market for over 40 years now. We understand the market very well as we have been investing in real estate for commercial and residential properties. Who else can understand your needs better than us? We will offer you the best loan to help you get the best property.

Is Equity Financing Good For You?

Other types of loans will require many qualifications such as your financial condition, income, credit score, and others. However, Equity financing will only require you to have a property that is to stand as your collateral. This makes this type of loan easy to access and approved. You will be able to acquire a fast loan that might only take you 10 days after the appraisal. 

Equity loans will help you acquire easy and fast loans that can help you solve emergency problems. At prodigy commercial lending, we will help you secure an equity loan even regardless of your credit score. However, risk evaluation will determine your loan interest rates as well as the lender’s fee. We will even help you solve your financial emergencies by offering you quick loans against properties. The loans can either be short term or long term. Short term loans can be repaid in a period of one to three years. What are you waiting for? Tap that button and let us help you acquire equity loan at prodigy Commercial Lending.

Be sure to give us a call Today at Prodigy Commercial Lending if the need of a fast and reliable equity financing service! 

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