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Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

In the wake of an increasing number of borrowers who end up as loan defaulters, financial institutions have made it harder to access commercial loans. The security demanded is more often than not costly, and the terms and conditions of repayment are hardly ever favorable. This has resulted in borrowers seeking private lenders and hard money loans, with Prodigy Commercial Lending having its huge share of such borrowers satisfied.

Prodigy Commercial Lending has been at the forefront offering our commercial financial services to our esteemed customers for four decades. We provide both residential and commercial loans to help you achieve financial security. With our headquarters located in Houston, Texas, we provide our services throughout the United States.

Why You Should Choose Prodigy Commercial Lending

While we are a leading entity, we take a step forward to provide after-service customer support for you. Our professional investment consultants are always on standby to enlighten you on the best financial decisions. Our four-decade experience enables them to provide you with just the right advice on your loan and its plan for investment.

While financial institutions will demand expensive security to approve your loan, Prodigy Commercial Lending funds your project based on your credit rating and projected value to be of the investment at the end of the loan period. This in turn aids in faster loan approvals upon appraisal verification. We value your time and as long as your loan is safe, we disburse the first installment within ten working days. We understand the weight of urgency that equity loans carry. We, therefore, always make a point of approving your loan application within your time of convenience. You also get the privilege of accessing the funds without a negative impact on your debt to income ratio.

Prodigy Commercial Lending loans are short-termed and comfortably repayable within two years. This allows you to fully enjoy the returns on your investments quicker. Our interest rates are based on risk evaluation analysis that our experts conduct for you, so you only pay us what we deserve, a fair deal. In addition, since we are a direct lender, we help you avoid the middleman’s costs and process your funds much quicker. Working directly with our clients also raises your loan limits as we choose to understand your needs without involving a third party.

Contact Us

Prodigy Commercial Lending Head office is located in Houston, Texas. You can visit the premise physically every Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 7 PM. The offices, however, remain closed on Sundays. For non-physical contact and consultations, you can call our number, which is easily accessible online. You can also send us an email. You will be sure to receive feedback in due time.

Do not allow the hustle and difficulty of accessing loans from financial institutions to stand between you and your dreams. Come to us. Come to Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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