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Our lending services are based on equity. We provide you with ready cash to fund both commercial and residential investments. Throughout the United States, we are linked to various real estate agents, borrowers, and brokers.

Unlike other lenders, we ensure that we make fast decisions on loans as we are direct lenders, you, therefore, acquire your loan within a short period of time. Everybody is eligible to obtain these easy loans, we put more concern on large loans, however bold they might seem. A lot of equity is a direct ticket to secure a loan. We accommodate even those who cannot get financial solutions from banks.

The rates we offer on loans vary with the type of property you want to invest in, be it land, retail, apartment, warehouse, special purpose, residential, commercial or office building. The terms of loans will also contain factors like; the risk assessment, and the borrower’s financial condition. Hard money lenders will give 6 to 18-month loans but we focus on offering longer period loans that we can provide within seven to ten days after we receive and review the appraisal.

We give out loans based on the equity of the property. The property’s income is reviewed but this should not make you worried. We prefer to work with assets and we want to tell you that this is a very possible solution for you. We will be in close contact with you to follow up on your payment progress. We are delighted to fund you with loans that start from $80,000 to as much as $5,000,000. Our brokers and real estate agents play a very important role in our operations and for this, we reward them with several thousand every month.


Commercial Loans

Prodigy Commercial Lending has been operating in the State for a period of over 40 years as we invest in both commercial and residential real estate. You are guaranteed to get a loan from Prodigy Commercial Lending that will help you solve your puzzle, given the anonymous experience we have acquired over the years in financing real estate.


Equity Financing May Be the Answer

Getting approval for financing nowadays is proving more difficult to very many borrowers. This is where we come in with “Equity Financing” or “Hard Money Loans.” These loans have taken a different approach to consider the equity that is within your homes or property, rather than the credibility of a borrower to pay. It does not interfere with the debt to income ratio of an individual. Acquiring these loans is simple and fast. We avail the money for use within a time frame not exceeding 10 days after appraisal. 

Hard Money is the solutions to your current problem, however much you have tried to acquire a loan, but to no veil. We can offer you a short term loan that can take from 1 to 3 years. For these loans, Real Estate Equity is the collateral for either commercial or residential investments. In this case, interest rates, lenders fees and other related fees are all variable factors to risk evaluation of a given loan. Are you in need of a fast loan?

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