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Everything You Need To Know About Prodigy Commercial Lending

Are you a resident of the United States and you are wondering who can finance your next project? Worry no more! Here at Prodigy Commercial Lending, we offer hard money to finance residential and commercial investments. We will fund individuals, real estate agents and even brokers across the United States.

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a direct lender who does not have to depend on other lenders before approving loans. We will offer you quick loans even when you have not been lucky to get other loans due to various reasons. Even though you have tried out different types of loans and have failed on each trial, we at Prodigy Commercial Lending will help you meet your needs by helping you get a hard money loan.

What about Our Rates?

We vary our rates based on several factors such as the type of property, loan term, risk assessment, the credit score of the borrower among others. The type of properties such as warehouses, residential, commercial, apartments and others will be the determining factor for the rates you are required to pay for the loans approved. If you are looking for a loan that can be easily approved and processed within the shortest time possible, hard money loans from Prodigy Commercial Lending is the best you can ever get.

The value of the loan will solely depend on the equity of the property. Even though the borrower’s income might also be put into consideration, it is not a basic factor. Whether looking for a loan of & 80,000 or even$ 5,000,000, we will work together with you and help you make your payment process easy. We will also work hand in hand with brokers and real estate agents. We will offer generous gratitude for every client referred to us.

Why are we considered the best in the market?

They say, “Experience is the best teacher!” being in the market for over 40 years has definitely made us the best. We have been investing in commercial and residential real estate for the longest time. Who else can give you the best loan offers to either purchase or cash out if not Prodigy Commercial Lending?

Do You Really Need Equity Financing?

You will know that equity financing is good for you if you have been experiencing rejection by other lending institutions. Getting an equity loan is easy as you will only need to have a property that is going to act as your collateral. Any other factor to be approved for a loan might be ignored. The property in lieu will, however, need to be worth the amount required to borrow. 

Prodigy Commercial Lending will help you get customized equity loans to solve your immediate needs. We will offer you favorable terms to meet your current needs. You can either go for short term loans that you can repay in one to three months or even go for long term loans. Even though you have a low credit score, you can still acquire a hard money loan but your interest rate might be higher due to risk involved. We are waiting for your call! Click the button and let Prodigy Commercial Lending guide you to success. 

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