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Knowing Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is The Best

We are a hard money lending company based in the United States. With over 40 years of existence, we have experience in financing real estate investments. Our clients include brokers, estate agents, and borrowers all over the United States. Our equity-based loans target both commercial and residential investments.

We provide outstanding money lending services. Our loans are quick and easy to procure. We stand out as a fast decision-making company for our clients who would like to obtain our loans. We only require a few days to process your request and provide you with immediate feedback, unlike others who will take unto several weeks in decision making. Also, we make decisions on all loans regardless of how complicated they may look. If you have already been turned out before by the banks, we will ensure we bring you happiness through reliable loans.

Our lending rates are very affordable. These rates vary depending on the type of property, such as retail, warehouse, apartments, commercial, residential, or office buildings. We also consider the borrower’s financial condition, the risk assessment, and the loan terms to determine the lending rates. After considering the factors in question, we will receive and review your appraisal and review it, and then we will get back to you immediately. As hard money lenders, we may give loans within six to eighteen months. We do prefer longer loans that we can fund between 7-10 days after we have received and reviewed your appraisal.

We prefer loans that range from $80,000 to &5,000,000. We’ll cooperate with you during your loan repayment. You need to know that you can procure our loans easily. Our loans are asset-based, and we love our customers. We’ll pay out a referral fee per month to our real estate agents and brokers. We pay several thousand for the referral fee alone.


Commercial & Residential Loans

Over the 40 years of existence, Prodigy Commercial Lending company has provided loans for residential and commercial investment. With our experience in financing real estate, we’re confident that we will satisfy your financial needs by helping you have access to our quick and reliable cash out.


Equity-based Financing May Be The Best Solution To Your Financial Needs

Getting access to bank loans is nowadays a challenge. Many of the banks turn down many borrowers. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we ensure that you still have access to equity-based loans, even if other financiers turned down your loan request. The hard money loans will ensure you meet your urgent financial needs. Our loans don’t depend on the credit-worthiness of the borrower. Instead, we give out loans based on the property or equity within your home. We take approximately ten days to fund the loans after we receive and review the appraisal.

Many borrowers have the challenge of being approved for financing in the current market. Even if banks initially turned down your loan request, we will provide you with quick loans lasting between 1-3 years. We use your real estate equity as the collateral to procure our residential and commercial investment loans. We treat each loan separately, and our lending rates will be entirely dependent on the risk evaluation of that particular loan at a time. The interest rates and lenders fees will also depend on the risk evaluation of each separate loan. To procure our quick and reliable cash out, call us today at Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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