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Understanding Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is The Best

Prodigy Commercial Lending lends based on equity and specializes in financing commercial investment and residential purchases by offering hard-money loans. We partner with brokers, borrowers, and property agents throughout the USA. Our lending is direct, enabling us to make timely loan decisions, saving you, the customer your much-valued time, unlike many others in the field.

Prodigy Commercial Lending tackles all types of loans in the spirit of providing unique solutions, especially the more complicated ones. As long as you have equity, we shall grant you a loan. It is our pleasure to serve those rejected or underserved by banks because we understand their financial needs better. We have various rates on our loans, dependent on the nature of the property: commercial, retail, special-purpose, apartments, office blocks, warehouses, or land. Other factors will include the length of time, level of risk, and ability to repay. 

The majority of lenders of hard money give 6 to 18-month loans, but we are flexible. After receiving and reviewing the appraisal, we release the funds in 10 days. Our loans are based on the value of your property. However, we also review the borrower’s income if need be. We are asset-based, and we trust in your abilities to use our financing and repay the same. Again, we shall closely partner with you, offering guidance for your repayments. 

Our loans range between $80,000 on the lower scale to $5,000,000.00 on the upper scale. As for brokers and real estate agents working with Prodigy Commercial Lending, we release several thousand monthly in referral fees. 

Proven Success

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we have amassed over 40 years of expertise, investing in commercial and residential properties. All this direct field experience in investment and financing makes us confident in offering you a financial package suitable to progress with your property purchase or cashing out of the same. 

Equity Financing is the Answer to all Your Financial Needs!

Many borrowers find it hard to get approved for loans. Prodigy Commercial Lending has thus developed Equity Financing, also known as Hard-Money loans, based on the equity you hold within your property, as evidence of your credit-worthiness, rather than your income. It, therefore, doesn’t affect your debt-income ratio. It is also easier to approve these loans. So in 10 days, you receive your funding. 

Our Equity Financing loans work for situations where other financiers turn you down. Our shorter limit loans (payable within 1-3 years) use your equity in the property as collateral, whether your investment is commercial or it is residential. As for interest rates, lender fees, and other fees, they vary from loan to loan, depending on risk assessment. For quick cash financing, call Prodigy Commercial Lending right now!

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