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Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

Prodigy Commercial Lending offers loans to students who want to study as international postgraduate students who will now be able to pursue their education through the funds given to them by us. This has provided an opportunity for a lot of students to be able to study and have better lives.

These funds are made available by a community of alumni and investors whether public or private who fund us who also receive the financial and social returns. The interest for these loans given is as follows; The fixed margin rate is 6.12%, while the annual simple fixed margin plus a variable base rate is 8.13%, but this also depends on the relevant LIBOR rates or variables that may be updated monthly. The loans we offer can be used for tuition, university fees, or catering for one’s living expenses, but this also depends on the parameters set for one’s program.

We also offer resources that are not just about funding but also offer new benefits that are very beneficial to those taking these loans. We disperse these loans directly to the university, and the interests start increasing when funds are released to it. Payments can be made if you desire to reduce the amount of interest in the long term payment of the loan.

You can apply for a loan from anywhere in the world. Students usually do not have a lot of choices about where they can get their funds from and we help fill that certain niche. The process of requesting a loan is facilitated online and we have a team that will help you understand the areas you are not quite familiar with and help you where you may need clarification.

 One gets a provisional offer for a loan within a week and most loans are completed within a month. This certain quality makes loans from us more attractive since the loan processing is fast and one wouldn’t have to worry about the loan not being on time.


Prodigy Commercial Lending has enabled a lot of students to be able to cater to their education and these scholarships have proved to be important for the continuance of their learning in order for them to work for better lives.

 Former students are able to invest in Prodigy Commercial Lending for future use, these loans have assisted students who believe post-graduate degrees increase the availability of jobs. We also assist students from over 150 countries, from emerging countries and help them secure job opportunities or retain jobs they might have, help is given to most people from emerging markets.


Equity Financing

This is a method where fresh capital is raised, in equity financing funds do not need to be repaid, the cost of equity is often higher than the cost of debt. 

If you’re looking for loans and fast cash out, you should probably have Prodigy Commercial Lending as your first choice. Call us or contact us immediately!

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