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We are an enterprise that lends money on an equity basis. Hard money is lent to both residential and commercial investments for their loans. Prodigy Commercial Lending works with brokers, borrowers, and agents of real estate throughout the entire United States. We are in a position to make fast loan decisions as compared to others requiring several days to come to a decision. 

Easy loans can be done by anyone and thus we prefer making decisions regarding more complex loans no matter their level of complication. If you possess plenty of equity or company can surely find the means to approve and issue the loan. It is our passion helping out customers turned down by the banks.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending we have varying rates that depend on the specific property type: whether land, retail, special purpose, apartments, warehouses, office, commercial and residential buildings. Also considered include factors like risk assessment, the borrower’s financial condition, and the loan terms. Lenders of hard money can issue six up to eighteen months long loans but our enterprise prefers working with longer loans which can be funded in a matter of seven to ten days right after receiving the appraisal and reviewing it.

Our loans are based on the property’s equity. However, we shall review the earnings or income although it is not a very serious factor for consideration. We are based more on assets. Our main motive is to let you know you can manage to do this. In regards to your payments, we shall work with you very closely.

Prodigy Commercial Lending’s preferred loan range sits between eighty thousand dollars to very high figures of five million dollars. Several thousand are paid out on a regular monthly basis for referral wages alone to our agents of real estate and our brokers. We cherish our brokers. 


Commercial Loans

At our company, for forty years and above, we have been in investment in real estate of the residential kind and commercial too in the United States. The experience that is hands-on for a lot of years in helping finance real estate has given us confidence that we are in a position to offer a loan which shall help you move forward transacting a purchase or simply cashing out.


Equity Financing Reviewed As The Solution

Getting approval for financing currently in the present market has posed a lot of problems for so many borrowers. This is the reason that we at Prodigy Commercial Lending have something better known as hard money loans or equity financing. The borrower’s credit-worthiness is replaced by the equity within your property or home in forming the basis of these loans. It does not however interfere with the ratio of debt to income for the person borrowing.

The loans are approved without dilly-dallies and procuring them is rather easy. They are funded quickly and it only requires around ten days for the loans to be issued after undergoing the appraisal.

Loans of hard money might help you solve your immediate problem. This is regardless of whether you have been already turned down in other banks. We at Prodigy Commercial Lending can assist you in making loans that are short-term; which shall last a period of one to around three years.

The loans normally use the equity of real estate as collateral for either residential or commercial investments. Lenders fees and the rates of interest will both depend on the evaluation of risk for each and every loan taken individually. Interest rates, other fees, and lender fees will both wholly depend on the evaluation of risk for each loan taken individually.

Do you desire a loan? Are you looking for a lender who is reliable and trustworthy? Contact us at Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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