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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is The Best

We are a lender centered on equity.  We issue cash loans to commercial and home investment clients. In the United States, we deal with realtors, representatives, and those who borrow money.

We decide on credits fast as we offer loans directly as opposed to others who might need several weeks for decision making. It does not matter the complication of the loan you need as we prefer the complex ones so it is eligible for everyone.  We can give you credit despite having much equity as we are interested in assisting those that have been setback by banks.

The kind of possession like accommodation, warehouses, home, set purpose, land, office, and exchange building will determine the loan interest rate. Other components, loan term, danger involved, and the income condition the individual asking for the loan is in, will be included. A loan ranging from 6 to 18 months may also be given by the cash loan givers. Again, we choose loans fundable for days ranging from seven to ten following the reception and reviewing of the evaluation.

Property equity will determine your loan. The finances will also be a factor though a less one. Assets make our basing thus you can work with this. Based on your pay, we will walk together. Our loan preference has a maximum of five million dollars and a low range of eighty thousand dollars. Our agents and realtors get thousands in a month as a referral fee as we like them.


Credit for Commercial Use

Commercials and home estate investments have been our work for over forty years as Prodigy Commercial Loan-Giving. The great experience we have gained from the years we have worked in real estate financing, we are assured of giving a loan worthy of advancing your buying.


Being Financed by Equity Might be the Solution

Many people who ask for loans find it hard getting an approval in the current market. This is why equity money lenders or cash loan is available. We base these loans on the equity available within your residence. Again, we consider the borrower’s credit score. The procurement of these loans is easy. Due to the easy procuring of the loans, the approving is immediate. Only ten days following assessment of the loan will have the loan disbursed as the funding is quick.

Equity loans answer urgent needs despite the previous setbacks. You can make a short-term loan of fewer than three years with our assistance. Home and commercial investments employ home equity for loans. The risk assessment for the loans will determine the rates of interest and fees for the loan giver. All kinds of fees including the lender fees will 100% depend on the danger involved with each specific loan. Contact Prodigy Commercial Loan Givers today if you urgently need a hard money loan!


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