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Prodigy Commercial Lending: What Are We About?

Based in the United States, Prodigy Commercial Lending is a company that allocates liquid money to residential and commercial investors as an equity-based proprietor. We intend to make possible the availability of funds to those who need them at fair rates.

We are directly able to make quick-fire loan decisions, even those that may be deemed complicated. No one does what we do. If you have the equity, we make the loan possible for you unlike banks and other companies or franchises.

Dependent on the type of property is how our rates may either fluctuate or regress. Warehouses, land, apartments, retail, office buildings, residential, special purpose, and commercial buildings all vary.

Other things that are taken into consideration include but are not limited to; the loan terms agreed upon, assessment of the risk involved, and the financial state of the borrower.

Other financiers may give half a year to a year and a half loans but we prefer to do longer loans that can be funded within two weeks after appraisal and review have to be done.

The property equity determines the loans and looking at assets helps us project what to expect. Nevertheless, we work to help you meet your payments. Our loans can go as high as up to five million dollars. We cover the referral fees for our brokers and real estate agents.

The Pride

We have invested in residential real estate and commercials for well over four decades. The many years of experience make us your best option for a loan to pursue your endeavors.

As for consulting, equity financing may be what you are looking for, and should no longer be missing out on. Nowadays, many loan applicants are not approved for borrowing come what may and for whichever reasons. We, in place of that, offer equity financing where loans are not given because of how credit-worthy a borrower is but because of their home equity, therefore, ensuring that the debt to income ratio of the borrower is unaffected. These are easy to procure loans received in a very short period of time.

Hard money loans are what you need to solve all of your issues. We will not turn you down nor hold you back. Short term loans are also another way to go and we can easily create a plan for one to three years, depending on what you want. Such loans use as collateral, real estate equity for residential and commercial investments.

Each individual loan will have its own rates of interest contingent on a number of factors. So will lender fees. In need of fast cash out? Give us a call.

Prodigy Commercial Lending! Take a step back, to take a step forward with us.

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