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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is So Famous

At Prodigy Commercial Lending we do equity financing. We lend hard money to individuals and companies involved in residential and commercial investments. Like other investment lenders in real estate, we have agents and brokers in the cities around you, and we lend across the USA.

Contrary to common practice in the lending industry, we make quick decisions once we receive loan applications. The complicity of a loan application does not affect our speed of processing. We are direct lenders with the capacity to provide easy loans to meet your needs. What you need is enough equity to meet your loan needs. Prodigy Commercial Lending welcomes customers whose loan applications have been turned down by the banks. At Prodigy Commercial Lending we can always find how to satisfy your loan needs.


We lend money for construction or purchase of apartments, retail houses, warehouses, and office buildings. We also lend to put up residential, commercial, special purposes premises,

 and to buy land. Therefore, our rates will vary accordingly. Other relevant factors will include the loan term, the risk assessment, and the eligibility of the borrower. Whereas other hard money lenders give six to eighteen-month loans, we offer long term finance. We take between seven to ten days to appraise your loan application and have the funds into your bank account.

Since we at Prodigy Commercial Lending are equity-based financiers, assessment of your property income is part of the loan appraisal, but we do not give it much weight. We, however, give due consideration to the value of your assets and we would like that you maintain confidence in them. Just know we usually lend between $80 000 and $5 000 000. We appreciate the role of our brokers and agents who may refer you to us. We pay them referral fees – several thousand dollars monthly. So, when they refer you to Prodigy Commercial Lending, know that they are taking you to a reputable real estate lender. 


The story of Prodigy Commercial Lending is forty years old. With these years of hands-on experience in financing real estate, expect us to know what kind of loan will meet your needs and interests. We have served clients of varying ages, positions, experiences, and backgrounds.  Maybe you had loan applications rejected by some banks. Do not let that discourage you. There is a way out at Prodigy Commercial Lending.


Your credit-worthiness may be low but that cannot stop you from getting funding. Prodigy Commercial Lending will consider the equity of your property within your home or elsewhere. That is what will form the basis of the loan appraisal.  And as stated before, you get what you qualify for in the next ten days. Call us today at Prodigy Commercial Lending or contact one of our agents or brokers near you.                  

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