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Our services are all equity-based. We lend hard money loans for both residential and commercial investment loans. Our key associates are real estate agents, brokers and borrowers all across the United States.

Prodigy Commercial Lending is direct lenders. We make quick decisions on loans compared to other lending institutions. Anyone can take our loans. Our decisions are preferably on complicated loans regardless of their nature. We always find a way of making a loan to any high equity based property especially to those who banks have declined their requests.

All Prodigy Commercial Lending properties have different rates. These can be apartments, retail, lands, warehouses, residential, commercial, office buildings, and any other special purposes. Other factors may be terms of the loan, the risk assessment, and the financial condition of the person borrowing the money. At Prodigy Commercial Lending a 6 to 18-month loan may be given but we prefer to do longer loans that we can process within 7 to 10 days after its appraisal has been received and reviewed.

All our loans are based on the equity of the property in question.  Prodigy Commercial Lending is purely based on assets and you are sure to trust us. We will work closely with you in regards to your payments. Our loans normally range from $ 80,000 to $ 5,000,000. We appreciate all our brokers and real estate agents. We are sure to pay them several thousand on a monthly basis for referral fees alone.


Commercial Loans

Prodigy Commercial Lending has over 40 years of experience in investments. This is both in the commercial and residential real estate. We are confident of offering you a loan that will help you move forward with your payout.


Prodigy Commercial Lending May Be Your Answer

Almost every borrower has problems in getting financial approval. This is the reason why hard money loan exists today. The loans are ascertained according to the value within your home or property in lieu of borrowers’ credit value. This does not affect the debt to income ratio for the borrower. All our loans are quickly determined and easily delivered. Also, the loans are swiftly funded and it will take around 10 days for it to be given. This is after a careful appraisal has been done.

Most clients are usually turned down by banks from lending. Prodigy Commercial Lending may help to solve such kind of unexpected scenarios.  This is by giving short term loans that will last between 1 to 3 years.  Normally these loans use real estate shares as the collateral for both commercial and residential investments. All lender’s fees and interest rates vary. This depends on the risk evaluation for each individual loan.  You can get in touch with us at Prodigy Commercial Lending. Make a deliberate effort t to cash out with us.

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