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Proven Success Stories At Prodigy Commercial Lending

Having been issuing residential and commercial loans for forty years now, we, Prodigy Commercial Lending, work great with those with properties e.g real estate, and selling them to clients, brokers, and those who borrow loans all around the state.

Our distinction comes from our bold and reliable solution to offer loans, to clients whom banks have turned down. Based on your assets, e.g a real estate, we settle down for a hard loan, which is short-termed as opposed to soft loans. Anyone could do these easy loans.

Your property determines the loan you get; we evaluate its value and check its risk assessment together with your income, (probably generated by your real estate property). Our short term loans are processed within a short duration of  7 days to 10, right after the receiving, and the review of the appraisal. This is why we prefer to do hard loans, they work easily for clients with income-generating properties or the properties themselves.

The fact that we base our loans on the equity of the property doesn’t mean we don’t review your income. We ensure our clients have an understanding of the terms of the loan. We look at both sides to see what would work out right for you. Brokers are welcome too and their referral fees are paid to them every month, just like the owners and sellers of the real estate and properties with whom we work with.


At Prodigy Commercial Lending, our 40-year service to our clients, investing commercially as well as in residential real estate,  gives us confidence that we can offer you a loan that will help you attain your goal in a short while. The response of our clients too about our services and how things worked out right for them through our loans is another picture of our success.


Hard Loans

This investment is based on your property, the equity that you own, and these loans are processed easily and issued. The applicant can easily get the agreed on hard loans within 7 to 10 days once the appraisal is done.

It would be surprising for one to apply for a soft loan while having an immediate problem. That’s where hard loans come into play. You may have been denied a loan by others, but Prodigy Commercial Lending comes right to save you and offer you a quick and reliable solution. You only require to have a property, like a real estate. We get its risk evaluation and that per loan, to determine its interest fees.

Do you desire a loan? Are you looking for a lender who is reliable and trustworthy? Contact us at Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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