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Proven Success Stories At Prodigy Commercial Lending

If you are in search of a loan to finance your real estate investment, Prodigy Commercial Lending is your recommended financial partner. Our experience in financing real estate activities makes us confident that we can add value to our partnership.

Proven Track Record

A leader in equity financing, for a period of over 40 years Prodigy Commercial Lending has been actively involved in the investment of residential and commercial property. This renders us more than adequately qualified to guide you through the process of real estate financing, in addition to which we work with estate agents and brokers throughout the USA.

Rapid Loan Processing

Borrowers are often frustrated by the length of time lenders take to approve loan applications. This is a significant drawback for those seeking financing for real estate investment for whom time is of the essence.

Lending firms are hampered by laid down protocols, but not Prodigy Commercial Lending. Your experience with us will be different because we are a direct lender who makes fast decisions on applications, sparing you the agony of the wait. This, in turn, will allow you to devote your valuable time to further your real estate investment projects.

Our experience in the business means that we are well versed in the processing of even the most complicated loan application. Prodigy Commercial Lending delivers results where other money lenders fail.

When you approach us with your real estate financing needs, we review your financial position, establish the type of property that will serve as equity. Thereafter the approval process is rapid. In addition, extended loan repayment periods are possible. We will be available to provide you with assistance all the way.

 The Advantage Of Equity Financing

Through the disbursement of hard money or equity loans, Prodigy Commercial Lending can offer solutions for equity financing. Therefore, whatever your project, whether you require Equipment and Industrial financing or residential or commercial real estate investment funds, you can entrust us with your loan application.

Similarly, in the case of emergencies, put your negative experiences with other lenders aside and give us a call. At Prodigy Commercial Lending the processing of hard money loans is part of our core business and our professional team can offer short term loans to fit in with your immediate needs.

In Conclusion

Whatever your financial needs, whether it is commercial and residential real estate funding or a need for fast cash out, Prodigy Commercial Lending is a reliable partner to work with. With our experience in real estate funding, we are the right partner to fill your financing needs.

We appreciate that your time is valuable, therefore we invite you to give us an opportunity to provide you with our quick, efficient service.

Contact us today for we are willing and able to help you financially.

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