Refined Commercial Loan Rates, Residential Lending & Small Business Loans In Porter, TX

Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

We advance loans to our esteemed clients based on equity through the entire United States. As a reliable, efficient, and effective lender, we lend for both commercial and residential investments and work closely with trusted brokers, real estate agents, and other commercial lenders nationally.

Criteria For Lending

Unlike other money lenders, the period between the time of application for loan and time for receiving money is very short thanks to our quick decision making. Irrespective of how comprehensive is your loan application, we still make a good decision within the shortest time possible to enhance your projects. The more equity you own the higher the amount of loan you are eligible to receive. We help and never discriminate against those that banks and other lenders have denied loans.


Our rates solely depend on the amount you apply for and the value of your securities attached to the loan. These securities may include; land, business buildings, vehicles, shares, residential, and commercial houses. We always work closely with our customers regarding their payments and give a credit score for subsequent loans and extend finances from as low as $80,000 to even $5,000,000. For a good relationship and sustainability of our agents and brokers, we pay thousands of money each month just for referrals alone. 

We also take into consideration the monthly or annual income from both business and employment nevertheless, it is not a determining factor for advancing loans. Other factors will comprise the risk assessed, the financial status of the person applying for either hard money or mortgage, and the loan term. We are all time pleased to do longer loans that we can fund in less than two weeks.

Equity Funding

The majority of borrowers face hurdles when being approved for loans from various lenders today. Given this scenario, Prodigy Commercial Lender has what is known as equity financing that is based upon the equity that is within your disposal and which you attach rights of ownership and transfer. These loans are quickly approved and processed to you thus no need for further procedures that delay and disappoint you. 

The hard money that is quickly processed will help you sort out your short term financial distress and focus on investing in more income-generating ventures. You don’t have to shy away when rejected by other lenders who rely on complicated procedures; we are always ready to help you out.

Why Choose Us

With so many years of experience in advancing loans to our customers for both commercial and residential across the state, we have been at the forefront of helping and making projects of thousands of citizens materialize. We unlock your financial problems by giving you loans and advise on the necessary viable projects to enable you to service your credit. Going forward, we are assertive that the loan we offer you will minimize the struggle and maximize your future revenue and wealth. Prodigy is a better choice and first priority. Contact us today for more information!


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