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 Why You Should Consider Prodigy Commercial Lending

Based in the United States, Prodigy Commercial Lending provides hard money loans for commercial and residential undertakings. Our loans are based on the equity owned by the borrower. Working with us is the team of real estate agents and brokers that facilitate our operations across the United States.

Prodigy Commercial Lending makes fast decisions on loans since it is a hard money direct lender. Provided that the borrower has provided his or her equity information, we don’t mind how technical the loan may appear to be but we try our level best to assist the borrower. If you unsuccessfully tried to get a loan from banks or anywhere else, you are welcome to Prodigy Commercial Lending. We will use your equity to offer you a loan for commercial or residential real estate undertakings.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we provide real estate loans for the following undertakings: apartments, land, warehousing, special purpose, residential buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings just to name a few. Our interest rates depend on the type of property or the financial investment as listed above. Also, other factors are considered to determine the interest rates, the term or the duration of the loan, the risk level of the loan, the financial status of the borrower, etc. Unlike the other hard money lenders that restrict the loan period to 6- 18 months, Prodigy Commercial Lending provides longer period loans. Our loan processing is also very fast. We disburse funds after 7 to 10 days of loan evaluation.

Our loans are majorly based on the equity of the property. The Prodigy Commercial Lending will review the income associated with the property. We will closely engage you in your payments. We prefer extending loans ranging from $80,000 as a minimum to $5,000,000 as a maximum. We value our brokers and we will pay them thousands of dollars every month as referral fees.

Recorded Excellence 

Business Lending 

The tradition at Prodigy Commercial Lending has been investing in commercial and residential real estate for more than 40 years. Having served in the industry for this long, we are best suited to offer you lending services in commercial and residential real estate.

Equity Financing Solutions 

Financial and money markets have locked out lots of borrowers from getting loans. Prodigy Commercial Lending came out with the initiative of equity financing or hard money loans which are loans secured by the equity owned by the borrowers. The loans have simple acquisition procedures with fast approvals. Funding is very quick, it normally takes less than 10 days after loan evaluation.

The loans at Prodigy Commercial Lending are the best for most urgent financial needs. If your previous loan applications from the banks and elsewhere failed, we can assist you to get a short period loan of 1 to 3 years. The loans are secured by real estate equity for either commercial or residential investments. Interest rates will be determined by the risk assessment. Also, factors such as lender fees and other costs will depend on the risk evaluation of the loan. For urgent financial needs, visit us at Prodigy Commercial Lending for long-term solutions.

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