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Advantages Of Prodigy Lending

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a top-level, private equity firm. They are located in Houston, Texas United States. Prodigy lending works closely with financial institutions and real estate agencies to deliver top services. They specialize in loans relating to real estate. This is for both commercial and residential housing. They have a good track record and are well known for delivering quality service. Prodigy Lending has been operating in Texas for forty years. Their long-term success has made them one of the most reliable lending institutions in Texas.

Prodigy Commercial lending has developed ways to give you the best services in a short period of time. They have an excellent team of professionals who will ensure you get the best loan program available. They aim to foster good relationships with their clients. They have devised ways of helping customers who have been unfortunate in getting these services elsewhere. If you have equity of small size, they can still work to come up with a decent loan plan. Prodigy Commercial lending is sure to make the loan operable. Prodigy lending is able to approve your application even when it has been turned down by other lending institutions.

Sometimes they can even dismiss your burden. They will help you with your needs for equity financing. They deal in hard money loans and this makes them well equipped to handle a variety of situations. They can make approvals on both hard and soft loans. They can sign off on many loan processes without relying on a different authority. However, getting these hard cash loans follows the rules of equity lending. These loans require that the house equity be used as collateral. The loan package depends heavily on the property’s value. This equity is also tied to the borrower’s creditworthiness. Equity loans do not affect your debt to income ratio.

Their short-term loans are between one to three years. They will first conduct a risk evaluation, to determine interest rates and lender fees. These interest rates are not fixed like in other loans. When it comes to equity lending the risk evaluation for a specific borrower determines the interest rates and other fees. If you need fast cash and quick loan processing, equity lending is the way. There is no one better to help you than Prodigy Commercial Lending.

Prodigy Commercial lending has worked in the United States for very many years. They have been in existence for almost forty years. Most of this time their operations were in Houston, Texas. They extended their services to the greater United States very recently. Their long financing experience makes them an ideal partner in acquiring a loan.

Their expertise in dealing with banking and financing processes is second to none. This has enabled them to streamline some processes of loan approval. Their staff works to give you a smooth experience. They also work to give you ensure you have very few formal hassles.

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