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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is The Best

Prodigy Commercial Lending offers Equity finance in the form of hard money to investors of both commercial and residential enterprises. In addition to the borrowers, our partners found throughout the USA, including real estate professionals and brokers.

Our unique position as a lender who does not have to conform to protracted protocols enables us to deliver speedy decisions on loan applications. This policy applies no matter how complicated the loan is. The higher the value of your assets the smoother the process, making Prodigy Commercial Lending a friendlier option than banks.

Funding, with the possibility of an extended repayment period, can be approved within 7-10 days of your application. Factors that will help the speedy processing of your loan include:

An added advantage is that although Prodigy Commercial Lending will take into consideration the real estate market value of your property, what will carry more weight as your application is reviewed your assets.

Prodigy Commercial Lending offers loans of between eighty thousand and 5 million US dollars. An important source of our business is brokers and real estate professionals who earn a good commission on referral fees.

Proven Success

For more than 40 years, Prodigy Commercial Lending has gained valuable experience in the finance of real estate. Our portfolio includes investments in commercial and residential property, hence are well placed to fund your purchase.

 Equity Funding A Possible Solution

Most banks base their loan approvals on the creditworthiness of applicants. As a rule, and guided by their policies, an applicant is taken through a complex procedure, which does not guarantee the approval of his application.

Prodigy Commercial Lending, on the other hand, offers loans based on equity with the added advantage of facilitating the processing in about one and a half weeks.

If you have had a negative experience with banks in the past, and need a rapid solution, why not contact us and we may provide you with the aid you need by a hard money loan. Prodigy Commercial Lending can arrange for a short-term loan payable in 1-3 years. The collateral required is your real estate equity.

The interest rates and other fees will be calculated based on the risk assessment.

Based on the above, Prodigy Commercial Lending offers the best solution for fast cash out. Our processes allow the possibility of rapid loan approvals. Our loans are approved within days, compared to other lending institutions that may take several weeks to deliver a response.

Therefore, if you need hard money for the purpose of commercial or residential investment, please call us.

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