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We lend money on the basis of equity.  We give loans of tangible money to our clients who need to invest loans either on residence or commerce. We operate with borrowers, agents of the real estate, and brokers located in the United States.

Being lenders who give out loans directly, we decide swiftly on loans, not like the rest who can take a week to come up with a judgment. Rather than simple loans, we decided to make judgments on more sophisticated loans no matter how sophisticated they may seem. If a person has enough equity, then we can look for a solution to lend money. We enjoy so much to give a helping hand to customers to whom the bank has refused to lend the money.

On the dependence of the property type, in particular, our rates vary (buildings of the office, residential, commercial, warehouses, land apartments, special purpose, and land). Some of the factors that also determine our rates include the loan term, the assessment danger, and if the person requesting the loan is financially stable. While the lenders who give tangible money may provide loans of between six and eighteen months, we rather give long term loans that can be funded by us between 7 up to 10 days after the received appraisal has been gone through.

We give our loans basing on the property`s equity.  Though not a factor which is serious, we have to go through your income. We give you an assurance of doing this because we are only basing on assets. We will operate hand in hand with you. Loans that range from a minimum of 80,000 Dollars to a maximum of 5,000,000 Dollars is what we like and we have passion for our brokers that is why we offer some thousand on a basis of every month as payment for referring and that happens to our agents of the real estate and brokers.


Loans for Commerce

In both real estate of residential and also commercial, we had them under investigation at Prodigy Commercial Lending for more than 40 years. We have the confidence to give you money that can support you to continue with your cash out or purchase since we have experience in financing real estate.

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The Answer May Be Financing in Equity

We have tangible money loans or equity financing because many borrowers face difficulties when they have to be accepted to financing in today`s market.  These loans usually are on the basis of equity on one’s home or property according to the worth of credit of the person borrowing. Such loans are easily accepted and quickly funded as it takes approximately 10 days and the loan is granted after the appraisal. Even if you have failed to get a loan elsewhere, tangible money loans can be the solution to the problems. We can assist you to get loans of short terms lasting from 1 to 3 years. Fees of the lender, their interest rates alongside other payments depend on the loan of an individual. The rate of interest and fee of the lender also depends on the evaluation of risk for the loan of each individual. If in need of instant cash out, contact us at Prodigy Commercial lending this day!

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