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Services Offered By Prodigy Commercial Lending

This is a lender based on fairness. Prodigy Commercial Lending work with real estate agents, brokers, and borrowers across the United States by giving out hard money both Commercially and residentially in the form of investments.

Their nature of being direct lenders allow them to make fast decisions on loans, which is not the case with the others who may require a whole week to decide on the same. There are no restrictions on doing the simple loans, and the organization is not scares of doing complex loans because of their state of being puzzles. If any person upholds high uprightness, there is always a way to make a loan with them because we love helping customers whose requests to secure loans have been rejected by the banks.

The rates differ depending on the type of property (apartments, retail land, warehouses, special purpose, residential, commercial, and office building). The factors affecting the issuance of a loan like the risk assessment, term of the loan, and the financial condition of the person filing for a loan. Those who lend hard money may give it worthy six to eighteen months, although we choose longer loans that can ve funded within seven for ten days after the assessment is done and then retrospected properly. Our loans are issued on the grounds of the fairness of the property. Though not key, the organization carries out an examination of the income. Just the way Prodigy Commercial Lenders are based on assets, it is possible for every person to follow suit. Depending on a person’s payments, the organization will work with you closely. Considering the referral fees alone to the brokers, and real estate agents, Prodigy Commercial Lending is able to give a loan of above $80000


Commercial Loans

Prodigy Commercial Lending has been investing in commercial and residential real estate in a successful state for over forty years. This entails the great experience they things, hence, their outrageous audacity in offering a loan that can help a person to move ahead with their purchase or cash out.


Equity Financing May Be The Answer

Most of the financial borrowers have difficulties in getting a recommendation for finance in the market today. This has lead to establishment of equity financing or hard money loans based on justice within home or property in lieu of the borrower’s credit value. These are simple to approve and easy to obtain. They are given quickly once you apply, in a period of about ten days.

The advantage of hard money is the immediacy in solving problems regardless of a previous rejection elsewhere. They also help one in getting short-term loans lasting one to three years using real estate equity as indirect security for both commercial or residential investments. For each individual loan, the interest rates and lenders fees will depend on the risk evaluation for each individual loan. You can get in touch with us at Prodigy Commercial Lending for fast cash out.

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