Proficient Residential Lending Company, Mortgage Real Estate & Lending Agency In Sugar Land, TX

We lend on equity-basis. We offer loans for both residential and commercial investments. We partner with brokers, borrowers, and real estate agents all over the United States.

We deal indirect lending which helps us make speedy decisions when it comes to the issuance of loans, not like other institutions who take long to respond to such decisions. You can get yourself these easy loans without too much trouble for we tempt to major our decisions on huge loans however complicated they might be. The more equity you have, the more eligible you are to get a loan. We take pride in assisting those who cannot access banking services.

We work with variable rates considering the type of property you are trying to establish (land, retail, apartment, residential, commercial, warehouse, special purpose, and office building). We also look into various factors including; risk assessment, and the financial position of whoever is trying to acquire the loan. As much as hard money lenders may give a six to eighteen-month loan, our preference is to give a longer duration loan that we can process within a period of 7 to 10 days after the submission and renewal of the appraisal.

Our loans are based on the equity of the property. The income is reviewed though it is not a matter of great concern. We major on assets and we want to assure you that you can manage this. We will constantly consult you on matters concerning your payments. We find loans that range from $80,000 to as high as $5,000,000 very attractive. We cherish our brokers and will give out several thousand to our real estate agents and brokers periodically just for the referrals we get from them.


Commercial Loans

For over 40 years, Prodigy Commercial Lending has been investing in both residential and commercial real estate in the States. We are fully capable of granting you a loan that will help you overcome your shortcomings, considering the fact that we have gained experience on financing real estate over the years since our doors opened for business.


Equity Financing May Be the Answer

Very many people face several challenges trying to get financial services from various financial providers. This why we came up with “Equity Financing” or otherwise called, “Hard Money Loans.” These loans do not major on the borrowers’ ability to pay back, but instead on the equity within the property or at home. The debt to income ratio of the borrower is not hindered at all. You can procure the loans very easily and in turn, we approve them within the shortest time possible. We make the loans accessible by you within a period of 10 days after the appraisal.

Hard Money goes a long way to help you handle agent problems, given that you cannot get financial assistance from other sources. We can grant you loans that run from one to three years. The collateral of these loans for both residential and commercial investments are simply Real Estate Equity. Risk evaluation of a loan has a major role in determining the interest rates, lenders fees and other applicable fees for every loan issued. You need not to wait no more, just give us a call at Prodigy Commercial Lending to get a quick loan. We are here for you!

If you need cash out make a point of contacting us. 

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