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Prodigy Commercial Lending For Real Estate Projects

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a loaning company that provides hard money to residential and commercial investors. We base our lending on the equity a borrower can provide. We provide our services in the cities near you. Our agents and brokers are found across the USA.

We lend directly to our borrowers and, therefore, can make quick decisions when appraising loan applications, unlike other companies who may require weeks. We are still fast enough when we get complicated loan applications. As a result, we are can offer easy loans. A borrower only needs to provide good equity and a loan application is quickly approved. That is why many borrowers the banks turned away come to us and leave smiling.


Prodigy Commercial Lending rates will vary with the type of property investment the borrower intends to carry out. We fund the construction of apartments, warehouses, retail premises, office buildings, residential and commercial houses, and special purposes installations. Depending on the kind of investment, Prodigy Commercial Lending will determine the rates. Other factors that will affect the rates are the loan term, the risk assessment, and the credit status of the borrower.

Unlike other hard money lenders in the market, we may give six to eighteen-month loans. We can also lend up to three years. The beauty of it is that we take seven to ten days to do loan application appraisal and have the money in the borrower’s account.

The main loaning base at Prodigy Commercial Lending is the borrower’s property equity. Although we also do an assessment of income – and give it a low rating – we want to know the value of the assets the borrower has at home or elsewhere. As a result of such assessments, we give loans between $80 000 and $50 000 000.


Prodigy Commercial Lending has been in the business for over forty years. With so many years of hands-on experience, we have built confidence in ourselves and a reputation elsewhere. Our experience in financing real estate is almost unsurpassed. We, therefore, can confidently say we are able to provide our borrowers with loans that can suit any situation. We have also acted as consultants to many budding firms in the real estate niche.


Prodigy Commercial Lending equity-based loans redeem the fortunes of many real estate investors who have been turned away by banks. Banks consider the credit-worthiness of the borrower. Since we base our borrowing on equity, we stand with most of the investors in this sector. The speed with which we process the loans improves the situation further.

Call Prodigy Commercial Lending today to get an investment loan that suits your needs and interests. Get in touch with the brokers and agents in the cities around you. They will quickly refer you to us – we pay them handsome fees every month. You will wish you had come to Prodigy Commercial Lending earlier.

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