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Proven Success Stories At Prodigy Commercial Lending

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we are a hard money based lender, we give hard money to commercial and residential investment loans. Also, we do our work closely with agents, brokers, and borrowers who refer clients to us across the United States of America.

We are direct lenders therefore we have been able to make loan decisions faster. No like the way other lending companies do by taking many weeks to make a single loan decision. Our pleasure is that anyone can take this easy loan. We also like to make decisions only if the loan is complicated. We take pleasure in helping customers whom the banks in the state have rejected to lend them money.

We have varying rates of interest, this is because it depends on particular types of property either apartments, retails, lands, or warehouses. Also, it depends on the terms of the loans and the financial conditions of the person who is taking the loan. On the other hand, hard money lenders might give you six to eighteen months loan and we like to do long loans that we fund within seven to ten days after we receive your application and approve.

Our loans are based on the value of your property, again we will look at your income though it is not a serious factor. We make sure that we work too close to you when it comes to paying the loan. Our loans range from $80,000 to $5,000,000. We also pay our brokers for referrals they do and our real estate agents.


Commercial Loans

We Prodigy Commercial Lending, we invest in both commercial and residential real estate in the state for over forty years now. With this great experience, we believe that we can offer our help to you so that you can move forward with your cash out.


Is Equity Financing The Answer?

Many borrowers always find it challenging to get approved for financing today. Now due to this, equity financing or hard money is the solution. We give you loans based on the equity that is at your home or your property. This kind of loan is quick and easy to approve and be funded, it only takes less than ten days.

Equity money loans can be helpful because they can help you solve an immediate money problem. If turned down by banks we can always help you out with short-term loans that last for one to three years. Interest rates and lender fees are evaluated depending on the risk evaluation of each individual loan. If you require a quick loan contact us now.

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