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We are a credit company offering loans based on equity. Providing asset-based loans for enterprises as well as dwelling houses is our specialty.

We are direct loan providers, meaning-making judgments about credit is a rapid method for us. On the other hand, other lenders require a lengthy period to make decisions on loans. Easy loans can be done by anyone that is why we distinguish ourselves by going for difficult loans. No matter how difficult, we will find a solution. Those with massive equity have nothing to worry about as a way will be found to work around it. Our enjoyment lies in aiding those who have been dismissed by other lending institutions.

Our interest rates are dependent on the sort of property, such as apartments, retail, land, warehouses, certain use, dwelling, business, or office building. The duration of the loan, analysis of risk, and the financial capability of the borrower are other facets that will be analyzed. Asset-based lenders may provide between six to eighteen months. Our choices are longer loans that can be made available within 7 to 10 days after the request is received and analyzed.

The property value will determine the loan. Your salary may also be checked but is not a significant determining factor. Our focus is centered on property and we want to make you aware that it can be done. We will work in close contact with you in regards to returning the loan. Loans between $80,000 and $5,000,000 are what we wish to work with. Our dealers are treasured. This is why we reimburse them a significant amount for referring clients to us.


Commercial Loans

For more than four decades, Prodigy Commercial Lending has been funding both residential and real estate across the States. The decades have provided us with handy experience in funding properties. We are certain of the power to offer funds that will assist in pressing on with your goals.


Equity Financing May Be The Answer 

A huge number of people seeking financial assistance have trouble in getting consent in the economy today. This is the purpose of asset-based lending. These loans are determined by the value of your assets and not the borrower’s ability. It does not interfere with the wages. The loans can be gotten easily and are signed within a short time. They are effortlessly attainable and normally take 10 days or less for them to be given after inspection.

Asset-based loans are instrumental in taking care of sudden challenges, even in cases where every other creditor has turned you away. You can be assisted to get a loan term of up to three years. The interest and lending rates will also rely on the assessment of risks for each specific loan. If you have immediate cash demand, reach out to us at Prodigy Commercial Lending, today!

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