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Prodigy Commercial Lending For Real Estate Projects

Prodigy Commercial Lending is a well-known lending firm. They specialize in equity-based lending. Equity-based lending is the practice of acquiring a loan by offering your existing investments as collateral. In other terms, it is also known as asset-based lending. The loan is secured by your assets. Their loans are also given in hard cash.

They work with real estate agents and borrowers in servicing proper and stable loans. Their head offices are in Texas. However, their operations are extended to other regions in the United States. Recently they merged with Texas Mortgage Pros. This has opened up the extent of their services. Prodigy Lending can now offer their services to a wider market.

Their staff is professionally trained and highly experienced. They work on servicing your loans with a diligent work ethic. You will get world-class services in finding the most appropriate loan program. Whether you are dealing with a commercial or residential project, the Prodigy Lending will surely deliver.

They have significant advantages in being a direct lending enterprise. This gives them the authority to make major decisions without waiting for approval. This allows them to bypass many extra processes that would otherwise be tiresome and time-consuming. This prevents delays and enables them to act quickly on urgent loans.

Their system of hard money lending is unique. It is also a very transparent and safe way of acquiring loans. This also makes loans simple to use. They can also be accessed easily and instantly. This cash can be used to solve an immediate financial situation. This is because the loans do not need too much processing. Unlike cheques and other forms of credit, cash can be used instantly wherever and whenever you need it.

As mentioned before, they deal in equity-based lending. With Prodigy lending you can use real estate equity as collateral for your loan. This applies to both commercial and residential loans. Regardless of the equity size, they can develop a plan for you. They also have a very flexible system of determining interest rates and lenders fees. With Prodigy lending each individual loan has its own risk evaluation. This is what determines lenders’ fees and interest rates for each loan.

Prodigy Commercial Lending is known to work fast in approving and processing loans. They are what is known as a direct lender. They enjoy privileges that many other lending institutions do not. They are able to make critical decisions and operate some processes without waiting for approval. This gives them the advantage of fast-tracking loans. They are able to disburse loan installments in the first ten days after appraisal is verified. Their fast pace cash system allows you to take out a loan for emergency situations. This is what makes equity loans a favorite for people who need fast cash.

Whether commercial or residential, Prodigy Commercial Lending is there for fast cash out and other financial needs. If you need fast cash out, contact Prodigy Commercial Lending today! We are always here for you.

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