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 Why You Should Consider Prodigy Commercial Lending

Do you have a commercial building or any other property and you are on a tight budget to finance another project? We at Prodigy Commercial Lending, we offer loans against properties. We are currently working with real estate agents, borrowers, and even brokers across the United States. We lend hard money for both commercial and residential investment loans.

Being direct lenders, our loans are quickly processed and often approved in as little as two weeks. We have more lenient financial qualifications than banks, therefore we consider people with low credit scores who often face rejection from other lenders.

We have different lending rates depending on the borrower’s financial conditions. Some of the loan rates factors that we consider are; the type of property e.g. land, residential, retail, commercial, buildings, and office among many others. Risk assessment and loan terms might also be considered when setting your loan rates.

At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we are known to promote long term loans better than short term loans. When your appraisal is received and reviewed, we will process your equity loan in 10 days.

Normally, the loan amount is decided by the equity of the property. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, we do not neglect our brokers and real estate agents; we pay them every month for every referral they send us. We also provide a friendly environment for our borrowers so that they can pay their loans at ease.

We have been in the market for over 40 years now, therefore we understand the market very well that we provide you the best loan to help you get the best property. Unlike other loan lenders who may need your financial status, income, or credit score details, our equity financing only requires you to have a property to stand as collateral. However, we do weigh the type, quality, and equity of the hard collateral. Risk evaluation also determines your loan interest rates as well as the lender’s fee.

This type of loan can help you solve emergency problems since they are easily accessed and approved.  We will help you solve your financial emergencies by offering you quick loans against properties. At Prodigy Commercial Lending, our short term loans are repaid in a period of one to three years and a predetermined payment schedule where the borrower makes payment on a monthly basis.

 In conclusion, our brokers greatly facilitate the lending process and usually come up with creative and unique ways to overcome obstacles that you may not be able to access on your own. At Prodigy Commercial lending, we take the stress away from you and do all the heavy lifting. Don’t hesitate to reach us at Prodigy Commercial Lending today, if you need a fast and reliable equity financing service.

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