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Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

We are an asset-based creditor. We work with property agents, representatives and borrowers spread out in the United States. Our credits are for both business and residential enterprises.

Other creditors take weeks to come up with decisions. Not us! We make fast decisions on credits because we lend it directly. Anyone is able to give simple loans but shy from complicated ones. On the other hand, our preference is on more difficult loans. The difficulty won’t stop us from loaning. Customers with huge assets are also welcomed since we will find a way to get the finances. Helping clients who have been rejected by banks is our responsibility.

The rates will be determined by the specific kind of property, that is, flats, retail, land, storehouses, particular purpose, rentals, commercial, and office establishment. Other aspects to be considered are the period of the loan, appraisal of risk, and the financial capabilities of the borrower. Hard money creditors can give 6 to 18-month loans and we have an inclination to provide extended loans that we can sponsor in a week or ten days after the assessment is accepted and surveyed.

The equity of the asset will determine the loan amount. The earnings may also be looked at but they are not a vital component. We prefer to offer loans that range from $80,000 to $5,000,000. When it comes to payments, our team will help you. Our dealers are also important assets to us. That is why we give them a considerable amount of money on a monthly basis for referring clients.


Commercial Loans

 For more than 40 years, Prodigy Commercial Lending has been financing both business developments and rental properties in the States. These years have provided us with firsthand knowledge of real estate funding. We are optimistic about offering credit to assist you with advancing with your investment or expenditure.


Equity Financing Maybe The Answer

Many people looking to borrow money have difficulty in getting financial consent in today’s market. This is the main purpose of property financing or hard money credit. These credits are dependent on the capital that is inside your residence or property instead of whether the borrower is able. It does not interfere with the earnings of the person borrowing money. The credit is authorized very fast and getting it is also an easy task. They are given within a very short time span. Generally, it takes almost 10 days from the date of assessment for the loan to be released.

Being rejected by every other financial institution is not a problem because of the presence of hard money. They can solve issues on the spot. We can assist you in making short term loans whose repayment ranges between one to three years. These loans make use of real estate capital as security for both business and rental properties. Interest, lender fees, and other fees will rely on risk assessment for each specific loan. If the speed in getting money is your priority, contact us at Prodigy Commercial Lending.

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