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Why Prodigy Commercial Lending Is Able

We are an equity-based loaner whereby we lend hard money for commercial and residential investors in collaboration with real estate brokers and borrowers across the United States.

Unlike other loaners who take a relatively long time, of about one week, to make decisions on loans, Prodigy Commercial Lending is able to make direct decisions, being a direct lender. Despite every person being in a position to make decisions, we like making the tortuous ones regardless of how complicated they may appear. With much equity, it becomes easy to make a loan because we like assisting our clients that the banks have turned down.

Our rates change depending on the type of property which may include apartments, retail land, warehouses, special purpose, residential, commercial and office building, and some factors which include the following: a term of the loan, risk assessment and the financial condition of the person applying for a loan. On the side of hard money, lenders may give six to eighteen-month loans and opt for longer loans refundable between seven to ten years after being evaluated and assessed.

The loans issued are on the fairness of the property basis. Examination of the income, though not a serious factor, is also done. Since we are based on assets, it is an assurance that it is possible for every person to do that. We work with you regarding your payments. We like givi9ng loans as high as $80000 or similar to a fee we loan our brokers and real estate agents.


Commercial Loans

Our lending organization has been the sole investor’s locals on commercial and local grounds for over forty years and hence gaining a long term experience in financing and real estate. In this case, therefore, the organization is certain that it can give a loan that can make you progress successfully with your purchased or cash out.


Equity Financing May Be The Answer

Getting approval nowadays on finance has been a long term problem for many borrowers in the current market. To help solve this issue, Prodigy Commercial Lending has equity financing or the so-called hard money loans based on equality within your home or property in the position of the creditworthiness of the borrower. This does not affect the debtor income level of the borrower. After the evaluation of the loans, they are quickly funded in about ten days after approval.

Hard money is most preferred because it helps solve problems immediately when a person is rejected as where. We can assist people to secure short term loans which do last for about one to three years and use real estate as the collateral for both commercial and residential investments. The interest rates are dependent on the risk evaluation for each individual loan. Reach out Prodigy Commercial Lending through phone if interested to work with them.

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77353, 77355, 77362, 77363, 77410, 77433, 77445, 77446, 77447, 77484, 77880, Waller TX, Prairie View TX, Hockley TX, Hempstead TX, Magnolia TX, Cypress TX, Plantersville TX, Pinehurst TX, Washington TX


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