Refined Commercial Loan Rates, Residential Lending & Small Business Loans In Wallis, TX

Building Fortunes With Prodigy Commercial Lending

We are located in the United States.  We lend loans for both commercial and residential investments.  We are partners borrowers, real estate agents, and brokers in all parts of the United States. This is because we are mainly equity-based lenders.

Our loans are instant, unlike the others who need more time to rethink about your loan requests. If you are in need of easy loans, we can easily lend it to you no matter how the complications might be. It doesn’t matter if the bank has turned your loan request down. We help you passionately without asking you lots of questions compared to most banks.

We offer loans depending on the type of property like office buildings, special purpose, apartments, residential, and commercial. We also consider the term of the loan, and mostly the financial condition of the borrower, not forgetting the risk assessment. Being hard money lenders, we give you six to eighteen months loans that we can fund 7 to 10 days after appraisal is received and then reviewed.

Mostly, our loans are on equity of properties. Let us take a look at our income, its very easy. We work together regarding your payments. We mostly lend loans ranging from $80,000 to as high as $ 5,000,000 Our brokers are like no other. We are willing to pay thousands on monthly basis for referral fees to our beloved brokers and our real estate as well.


Commercial Loans

We, Prodigy Commercial Lending are proud of been providing our services for more than 40 years since our debut. Our services have been talking on our behalf. We are the most experienced lenders and therefore we can lend you the amount of money that you need for your business or personal use passionately and professionally.


Equity Financing

Been in this lending sector, we have observed how many marketers are suffering as their loans are not approved or slowly approved. That`s why we have these Equity loans that are within you’re your home or property in a slot of the credit-worthiness of the borrower. These financing loans are easy to obtain. They are instantly funded because it only takes 10 days for them to be given after assessment.

These hard- money will save you a lot even if others failed you. They approve your loans immediately and fund it instantly. We are very reliable as we can give you short terms loans of from 1 to 3 years. These loans use real estate as collateral for both commercial or residential investments. Our loan interest rates are determined by the risk evaluation for each individual loan. We don’t just have a good reputation but our regular clients are proudly praising us. Need a loan, hard money? We got your back. Feel free to give us a call today!

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77417, 77423, 77434, 77435, 77441, 77451, 77454, 77464, 77466, 77473, 77474, 77476, 77485, 77491, 77492, Wallis TX, Simonton TX, Orchard TX, East Bernard TX, Fulshear TX, Lissie TX, Sealy TX, San Felipe TX, Brookshire TX, Beasley TX, Kendleton TX, Pattison TX, Eagle Lake TX, Katy TX

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